Atomic Email Extractor

Advanced, fast email extraction within the Internet

  • Search on a website
  • Search by keywords
  • Country identification
  • Twitter plugin to extract emails from
  • Facebook plugin to extract emails from
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Email Hunter – harvest email addresses from websites

Collect quality contacts and personalize your mailing lists. Create highly targeted contact lists!

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  • Automatic email extraction from any site on the Internet
  • Extraction of contact addresses from your email account using the Mailbox plugin
  • Identification of the country of the address owner using email address domain and location of extraction
  • Email address search on webpages that require a login and password

Fast email collection from websites

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How does Atomic Email Hunter work?

Email extraction from a specified website

If you have already chosen a site and want to extract email addresses from it, enter its URL-address, and this online email extractor finder from url will collect all the email addresses available on the site.

You can also retrieve addresses from pages that require a login and password to extract emails from a web page.

extract emails from website

Extracts emails from a website using keywords

Web email extractor searches for sites that match specified keywords, and extracts email addresses from these sites. Email finding allows you to reach your target audience if you do not have a list of relevant sites to search for email addresses.

Scrape YELP for emails and phone numbers New!

Built-in free YELP Plugin is developed to extract email addresses from Enter a keyword, specify the country and city - and start getting a list of target email addresses and phone numbers as well.

Extract emails from Facebook New!

Use Facebook plugin to collect contact information of your target audience. This plugin find people according specified criteria and extract their contact data like email address, name, current job, past job, company website, etc. How to extract email addresses from Facebook group for free? Launch Facebook plugin and engage potential clients to your business.

facebook plugin

You can also use the software as Facebook email extractor and get contact email addresses from Facebook pages, groups and personal profiles. The keyword search as well as search within the list of specified URLs is available. This feature is developed to scan Facebook social network and collect all email addresses corresponding to your search query.

facebook email extractor

Search for emails on a website by keywords

Enter the web address and a keyword by which to conduct a search to hunter web mail and extract email online. The program will find all pages of the website that have the keyword. Email addresses will be extracted from these pages. The search can be limited to specific countries.

extract email addresses from website

Extracts phone numbers from webpages

This is the only facility is missing but you can get phone numbers with this software. It extracts both emails and phone numbers. Check how these two programs compare to each other.

phone number extractor

Mailbox plugin

Looking for email from your own mailbox? The Mailbox plugin with emails address finder is used to search for email addresses in your email account. The program scans all messages in the mailbox and retrieves the addresses of those people whom you have corresponded with, as well as email addresses mentioned in text messages.

mailbox email extractor

Twitter plugin New!

Collects contact information about your target audience from Accordingly, to specified criteria, Twitter email scraper extracts email addresses from website and gets such contact data like name, country/city of living, job. Twitter plugin will help you find the target audience among millions Twitter users.

Twitter email extractor

Detection of country of origin New!

The program can guess what country an email address owner lives in for bulk emailing service, using the:

  • domain (if, for example, a person has a mailbox ending in, there is a high probability that he is from Russia)
  • webpage from which the email address was extracted (for example, if the email address was found on a page ending in .dk, the owner is likely to be from Denmark)

What clients are saying about the program:

Atomic mail hunter is a must have tool if you are a serious marketer. It helps me gather thousands quality of leads in a matter of minutes. I love it. My return on investment is infinite!

Piermichel, "PJG Marketing"

I love Atomic Email Hunter. I do a straight URL search from a large list of domains and get 99% uniques. This is the best software yet.

Ingming Aberia, "IMInstitute"

Great product! Installation was very fast and simple, and the program was fast to take off. Fast and easy to use and the MS Office compatibility makes using very smooth! Thank you guys!

Martti Kontinen, "TTI-Oy"

WOW! This is one of the best software to get emails from websites and urls. I've been searching for this for a long time. Thanks!


Your Atomic Email Hunter is fantastic. As a new online seller i find it very helpful.

Nikolas, "Celestia Enterprises Inc"


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How to use email extractor?

It is a very flexible online email extractor designed to extract email addresses from websites and search engines. It's easy to use. In most cases, all that is required to get results is to enter a valid URL or type several keywords in the search bar. That's all that has to be done to get going with the tool - email search literally starts in a matter of seconds. Just enter atomic email hunter register key and start your work.

extract emails by keyword

How does the keyword search work?

With our web email extractor, email address search is as easy as using Internet search engines - it can visit a website that ranks on Google for a chosen keyword, find its email, extract and save it for further use. Type in your target keywords, and Email Hunter will find the top-ranked pages for them directly from Google (or other search engines you choose--42 SEs available) and then search those pages to extract email addresses. Our keyword search is a unique and useful feature that does not exist in most other popular extracting tools.

extract targeted emails

How do I get more targeted emails from website using email extractor?

Our web email extractor can harvest more targeted email addresses when you search through one or several websites focused on a single niche. Email Hunter provides a variety of filters for scanning web pages; for example, you can set it to include only pages that contain certain words like "contact," "about us," "feedback," etc. You can limit the scanning depth and paths. If you use filters, email relevancy can be higher and the resulting email list can be more targeted. If you need to search for a specific type of email - extract them using advanced filters. This could be the case when you need to find emails with the sequence "webmaster@" in them.

email hunter resources

How many resources does the email extractor require?

Our email hunting software is very fast and supports multi-thread spidering. It requires very few machine resources and can run quietly in the background on any PC connected to the Internet. Once the program is launched, you literally don't do anything in order to search for an email, extract and save it.

email hunter proxy

Is the email hunting software proxy-compatible?

Email finder does not depend on any additional software, unlike many other web email extractors, and can also work through proxy servers. When you are looking for an email extractor online make sure it supports proxy servers. In Atomic Email Hunter email extraction is done via proxies in multi-threaded mode.

prevent ip blocking

How do I prevent my IP from being blocked?

Like with any automated software dealing with online data extraction, it's better to use a configuration that prevents the program from collecting emails way too fast, which can result in sites blocking the software and your IP address. Atomic Email Hunter is configured to collect data in a friendly way, but you can change the default settings if you want to speed it up a bit and extract email addresses from websites a little bit faster.

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How to extract email addresses from website and from Facebook groups for free?

If you're looking for free email harvesting software, you've come to the right place. Use Atomic Email Hunter software free download to try demo version of email address finder for free. Want to extract email address from Facebook? Just download email hunter and launch Facebook plugin of email extractor to get contact data like email address, name, current job, past job, company website, etc.

extract emails by keyword

How to extract email addresses from websites?

Extracting an email address it's easy with our program. Just enter the URL of the site from which you want to collect emails or a keyword in the appropriate field and the program will harvest email addresses from websites you are interested in.

email hunter

How to use email finder to extract addresses by domain?

Email searcher software extracts emails in a couple of clicks. Mail hunter has a special function Search by domain to extract email addresses by domain. Just enter the domain of the site from which you want to collect contacts and the program will automatically collect them for you. For example, enter the domain “” and you will receive an email contact in the format “”

extract emails by keyword

How do I extract email addresses from Gmail, Outlook?

To collect emails from your mailbox, you need to connect a special free “Mailbox” plugin. The plugin will help to collect both the addresses with which they corresponded and the contacts mentioned in the emails. To do this, install the plugin, click the Mailbox Hunter button, enter server name, port, connection type and your login and password of your mailbox. The program will create a file with contacts that can be exported or transferred to another program.