Why SMS marketing is a solution

    If you’re dreaming of building great marketing strategies in no time, effective SMS marketing tools will be a huge plus. With us you get a universal platform. Email marketing included. Email/SMS channel launch & comprehensive marketing support are nowadays closer than you think.

    Why Atomic SMS marketing services?

    With our platform, you may send marketing SMS to all Kenyan phones. Constantly testing key elements of messages in order to increase their effectiveness and increase sales per subscriber and sent improved letters will be easier with the help of our services.

    If you want to integrate all your channels and create a large-scale work with contextual advertising Google Ads, targeted advertising via Facebook, etc. this one will also be a priority. When you include texts into your strategy, you increase your success odds.

    Why we’re among the top SMS marketing companies?

    Besides all of that, if the instrument offers you a fully fledged database development, layout of text messages, integration of the emailing system with the database, ERP system and Google Analytics data, and so much more, you will definitely prefer to have it in your toolkit.

    Atomic products are just like that – effective & complete. In addition, you get an HLR lookup option available in addition to regular messaging features. This is an extra tool you may always refer to when you need to check if your database contacts are all clear and relevant.

    With the help of Atomic products, you get the full implementation of the plan for attracting potential buyers in the context of the year. You also acquire KPIs by the number of transactions for the reporting period and so much more. See, how much use SMS may potentially bring to your marketing mix! So, subscribe right away and test the full spectrum of options to implement your SMS sales strategy and other.

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