Why SMS marketing for business

    Great texts may be easily sent to the target audience all around the world. It's effective for all kinds of business. Thus, to organize effective texts, use progressive SMS marketing services like Atomic products.

    Bulk SMS Sender is a texting tool where you may easily promote your goods and services, build a brand and so much more using a service all-in-one. Distribution of data about useful products or services occurs via send-outs of the text to chosen mobile phones that your subscribers-consumers have. You may do it either from your platform or by using Atomic software.

    API Integration allows you to plug in your website with no coding skills and settle messaging configurations.

    Atomic SMS marketing in Nigeria

    Attract new customers using unified SMS text marketing tools. Send personalized and customized messages and provide promotions via text blasts to an unlimited number of recipients. You may do it either free by using our SMS marketing software free download, or by using our full package at the lowest prices. Alpha name is free.

    Bulk text distribution for business, text distribution to the target audience with personalized texts, segmentation by region, and interest – all are settings of fully-fledged bulk send software. No specific skills are needed! Why us?

    Must-have features of SMS marketing companies

    As a top-notch quality messaging platform for digital marketing, we’ve included the features that are a must-have for a professional service from massive send-outs:

    • API.
    • Automate text campaigns that save time.
    • Includes opt-in keywords tools to target your wordings better and keep campaigns organized.
    • Personalization tools to make your texts better.
    • Reports on delivery & other for your future campaigns.
    • Templates for instant messaging to speed up the process.
    • All year round customer service provided, etc.

    On average, after the launch of the newsletter, sales may increase by 10%. So, feel free to boost offers using the powerful Atomic text marketing functions that may be a part of your marketing automated resource which is subscribed to, or as a standalone feature.

    Since SMS distribution is very cheap as compared to other channels, such a sales channel is very effective. Your marketing automation may save even more. With a certain volume of client base, text marketing may cost nothing at all, or the cost will be minimal. Having created a strategy and once set up mailing according to the rules, you may get new sales automatically. What are the advantages of SMS marketing over other marketing tools? It's fast, easy and cheap!

    Implementing SMS marketing in your project is pretty easy. Here are some obvious pluses for your marketing mix with SMS added.

    Atomic benefits SMS marketing

    Download a free solution for making send-outs of texts in messages from your PC. Sending anonymous or bulk messages from SMS sender Atomic Bulk solutions are both allowed. This is a great solution for large marketing for small businesses.

    Download Atomic software to make a successful SMS campaign at an affordable price!

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