Atomic Email Studio ー Mass Email Software Solution

    Introducing new generation mass email software solution to meet your email marketing needs. It usually takes a lot of time and a lot of different mass email software solutions to run successful email campaigns. We have designed Atomic Email Studio for marketers who want to maximum automate email marketing processes.

    Using mass email software Atomic Email Studio you will be able to:

    • Create and send newsletters and advertising emails
    • Manage mailing lists
    • Collect contacts from websites, files, newsgroups, and way more sources.
    • Unique offer to gain access to the statistics provided by our online services such as email tracking, to track and analyze your email campaigns.

    Now it is easier like never before - this mass email software pack allows you to run all the tasks under one intuitive interface. Switching between mass email software modules just takes to press few buttons now.

    Historically, we have had many mass email programs to cover email marketing needs of our customers who had to download, install and activate many different programs. Now, with Atomic Email Studio, you need to download only one file. Install one application and you will have everything you need to successfully promote your business online.

    Save big with a better value. Atomic Email Studio provides access to all 9 email marketing programs, leveraging your budget allowing you additional savings.

    We recommend this mass email software to everyone, even if you use only one program from AtomPark Software.

    Here are main features of Atomic Email Studio:

    • Easy projects and mailing lists management. You will see everything that you may need for your new email campaign in one screen.
    • Atomic Email Studio is cost-effective. It represents a center console of our mass email programs providing an easy way to work with all of them together. The programs that Studio includes are all demo versions. You will be able to purchase a Studio license to activate all of 9 email marketing modules spending less compared to buying a license for each program separately.
    • Easy to work. You may drag-and-drop, add and delete lists and projects, run any tool to modify search criteria.
    • Easy to migrate to from any of our applications. Download Email Studio (18 Mb) and re-arrange the icons in Start Menu and Desktop, if you would like to have one point of entry to all email marketing tools. This action can be undone when you uninstall Studio.
    • Instant access to the email marketing industry news. We publish the latest news about Internet marketing on our sites and blogs. Atomic Email Studio will notify you immediately when the news is published.

    If you are still trying to decide which mass email software is necessary or how to choose the best ones to meet your needs consider Atomic Email Studio. For a limited time you can save more than 60% activating the best 6 email marketing programs for your custom use:

    • Atomic Mail Sender for sending email newsletters
    • Atomic List Manager for editing mailing lists
    • Atomic Mail Verifier for verifying email addresses
    • Atomic Email Hunter for collecting contacts from the Internet
    • Atomic Email Logger for gathering contacts from local files
    • Atomic WHOIS Explorer for collecting contacts from global WHOIS database

    This is the first mass email software containing all necessary modules to run successful email marketing campaigns.

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