Purchase email addresses?

    Where to obtain email addresses for the new e-mail marketing campaign? You can purchase or rent them and extract addresses on-line yourself.

    The difference between purchasing and renting is that if you rent a mailing list, you don't actually get the list of email addresses. Instead, your message is sent by the company, which provides this service. Renting is often cheaper, and it works great, if you don't have to send e-mails to the same addresses repeatedly (some email marketing campaigns become effective only after repeated mailings).

    So where do you get the new email addresses? You can use any search engine and type in "purchase email addresses", "buy email addresses ", etc. You have to be very careful with the results you get. You will see advertisements from companies Email2success.com ($29.95 one time fee for 500,000+ emails monthly) or 75.JohnRecommends.com (the same price for 75 million emails). An average list costs about $50 for 5000 e-mails (if it's a targeted list), so these companies are basically a fraud. They probably do sell you real email addresses. These are most likely lists from free email providers from 1997, with less then 1% valid e-mails. So what should you do?

    The only way to obtain new fresh email addresses is to extract them online. Do not purchase email addresses anymore, but buy the extraction software once and use it again and again. Once getting the personal copy of email extractor you can collect the new targeted mailing list at any time you need, from any site you like.

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