Why SMS marketing is a solution

    Basically, marketing is not limited to emails. SMS are still in vogue. SMS marketing platforms like ours allow you to fully make use of the best quality texting in sake of your sales boost. SMS marketing promotes your business using an SMS service. Then sending messages to target audiences around the world is effective for all kinds of niches.

    Why SMS marketing platforms?

    They are easy & fast, and optimize your work amazingly. It is an effective marketing tool. The promotion of goods and services here may be carried out using the SMS service from pc! The distribution of marketing information about a product or service occurs by sending it via SMS to the existing mobile phones of subscribers-users, or potential prospects.

    Choose marketing via SMS with us

    SMS marketing in Tanzania may be optimized and set up as per local legal or technical specifics in no time. Our platform is a universal resource. Basically, you integrate it with your operator and start working. What we offer is SMS marketing with personalization. Fast construction of segments and scenarios are allowed. Your texting campaigns may be cheaper than directly with your operators. Support at all stages is provided, so you feel safe and assured in what you do.

    Besides, today, the use of SMS technologies is in high demand and is constantly evolving. Among the most effective tools for maintaining communication with customers, SMS remains alongside emails and other.

    Promotional SMS messages, when used correctly, have a high open rate & bring desired conversions. The exact figures depend on the audience and brand awareness, but in most cases, the percentage of SMS openings exceeds the views of bulk emails, for example, by several times. So, do not skip the chance to try one of the ways to acquire new customers right away.

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