What is HLR Lookup and How to Use it?

    HLR is a service for checking essential numbers activity.

    Mobile operators charge for each SMS sent, not delivered. In order not to waste extra funds, check the list of numbers before sending, using the HLR request.

    Why you should use phone number validation?

    It’s effective to validate customer phone numbers via phone number validation services to ensure delivery and to distinguish mobile from landlines, as well. You check that your base of phone contact is deprived of fake & invalid numbers that are no longer of use for your future marketing campaigns.

    What for to verify phone number?

    With the help of HLR, you define which carrier networks a customer is using in order to optimize SMS routing when engaging your customer.

    It’s often very important for an effective bulk SMS campaign, to use updated contact databases. Number validation before the campaign launch allows you to avoid mistakes and ending with a failed campaign & inadequate delivery score. This is especially critical if you have a smaller phone number database and each contact is essential for your business.

    Hlr lookup is a great way to make sure your users provide an existing phone number. HLR request or Home Location Register lookup is used to analyze the status of a specific person's phone number. The database is formed by companies providing mobile communications which is quite a legal & effective procedure.

    You easily check out international phone numbers, enter your phone numbers and country and click on the number validation option to check them out. This tool will show you the status of the number if it is active or not, as well as other parameters you’ve preset.

    In this case, if your contact database is quite old and needs an update, before importing it to use in campaigns, don't forget about free bulk phone number validation. It will help you exclude inactive contacts from the list and update the base or create a new one.

    How to apply Atomic HLR lookup?

    Atomic software validation for phone number allows using our easy-to-use service for verification to expand your contact database and proof phone numbers before you reach out to your customers.

    Validation software from AtomPark is specially designed for weeding out the maximum number of nonexistent contacts. In addition, you may filter & remove hidden email address fields’ characters. For instance, while you import your base list for further usage in marketing. And so much more!

    When you select the SMS Sender tab in the left column of your Member Area, by clicking on the HLR tab, a form for a new HLR campaign appears:

    The verification option provides you with a thorough check out which allows detecting and excluding nonexistent recipients from your active marketing database. Also, use real-time us phone number validation, an option that is also available on your website through our online API. So, you may prove your numbers just at the entry point easily.

    After you have filled in all the fields and clicked on “Create Campaign,” you will see a pop-up with information about the operator and the cost of the check-out.

    Confirm the launch of the campaign here by clicking “Send”:

    So, if you check out if numbers are good with Atomic marketing software, you conduct a full and deep analysis with a detailed report, including checking mobile numbers & international contacts for better marketing results of your next text messaging campaigns.

    After verification, you will receive a campaign report like that:

    Here, a detailed statistics report with the checked numbers will be displayed:

    It’s really important for software users to get easy-to-use services for marketing and have great support if something’s unclear or goes wrong. All that is available with us. Feel free to check if numbers captured in your online forms are accurate right away with a professional validation tool available online for both starters & professional marketers.

    Completely safe & up-to-date tools for working out your phone databases of any complexity, for any marketing purposes is one of the multiple services we may provide to professional marketers, as well as business owners who control their marketing processes themselves.

    Apply Atomic products for phone number verification to verify a phone number from your database and succeed with your messaging campaigns!

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