What is HLR Lookup and How to Use it?

    Checking of phone numbers may be especially effective in a range of cases. It’s useful if you’re preparing an SMS-informing about important actions, for example about the planned removal of the service, sales, etc. Such information may help save data when the user is forgetful or during unexpected overlaps, etc. It also provides great assistance in restoring access to your accounts when you lose access to emails and so much more. HLR or phone number validation is a great tool that optimizes your work & prepares your databases for further processing.

    Why phone number validation

    HLR check is also needed in order to clean the database of non-existent numbers without notifying customers. For example, if you need to prepare your lists for bulk SMS. Our service for checking the phone number will help to identify the provider in order to accurately calculate the cost of the mailing. As with other personal data, information about the phone number is not transferred anywhere, sold or displayed to third parties and organizations. Users' personal data are protected by international and local legislation. Our software tools are well-adjusted to any region peculiarities. So, you may feel safe about our work, and the users you have on your lists.

    When you choose to work with us, you will be able to check any mobile number, find out the operator, subscriber status and other information with an HLR request only for testing and checking the service. This will increase your marketing work quality and p[provides advantages before your competition.

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