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    Atomic Whois Explorer 9.12

    Extract email addresses and names of website owners, as well as all domain data from WHOIS database.

    System requirements:
    Windows 7/8/10/11
    Install Atomic Whois Explorer and enjoy the benefits of the program.
    For 7 days, the main functions will be available to you with the following restrictions:

    • there is no way to save the result of work

    • view 50 extracted email addresses

    Atomic Whois Explorer does not contain malicious files, even if your antivirus software says otherwise.
    Administrator rights are required to install and run the program.
    Need help with starting work in Atomic Whois Explorer?
    Read a manual which help you with various software questions
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    Everything you wanted to ask about Atomic Whois Explorer
    How to collect and extract domain names from search engines?

    You only need to write a keyword and Explorer automatically starts to scan the network.

    How to export the results?

    All the results of extracted data can be exported to MS Office applications and saved into files for future use in Atomic Mail Sender or Atomic List Manager. You can specify the type of contacts you do not need and they will be ignored on saving ("Filter").

    Can I integrate with other Atomic products

    By using a registered Atomic Whois Explorer version you can easily send mass mail to the emails you found. Atomic Whois Explorer is integrated with Atomic Mail Sender (mass email campaigns) and Atomic Email Verifier (email verification tool). If you start Atomic Whois Explorer using Atomic Email Studio, then all the operations on file creation and exchange between the programs will be done by Atomic Email Studio automatically.

    If you have any problems with downloading or other questions please contact us. Thank you!