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    What is Bulk SMS Sender 2

    SMS is one of the most effective communication channels. You may use it in your marketing campaigns fast & easy. All you need is to create a short text to send out to your opted-in users.   SMS communication channel brings the highest rates of openness and readings and awesome customer experience. Careful SMS segmentation and sending messages with a professional Bulk SMS Sender helps smooth the process and boost your SMS campaign results.

    What are the Benefits of SMS Sends

    To receive SMS, you do not need the Internet connection, and if the recipient is offline, he/she will receive the message as soon as he/she returns to the network. The SMS may contain the sender's name and text, where you can insert a useful link, which gives numerous advantages for your marketing campaigns.

    A short message is the cheapest option for communicating with a client. Short messages used in SMS are read immediately after receiving it 97% of all cases. Bulk SMS can be the only way to instantly notify the client about upcoming discounts, newsletters, successful money transfer, and other important information. Unlike emails, SMS messages are hard to ignore, lose or leave unnoticed.

    You may send SMS from PC in a few minutes. Send messages over the Internet from your website or via API. Notify customers about promotions and discounts and automate sending messages from your application, CRM, or website.

    The goal of any business is profit, and most of it comes from regular customers. Therefore, to attract new clients, or retain their trustworthiness, there are the key SMS sender advantages you should use to the fullest:


    SMS doesn’t require any strict opt-in options. The SMS registration process is fast & safe with reliable senders. All you need is a mobile phone number, e-mail and 30 seconds of your time. Your contacts import doesn’t take much time. Paste from clipboard. Load from Xls, txt, CSV. Clear duplicates. And the personal data is safe.

    Adding an Alpha Name

    You may add an Alpha Name to ensure trust. Activation usually takes a couple of business days. Free support for any number of names is provided with a trusted SMS sender. A recipient gets such a message just seconds after the delivery starts, and reads it within 3 minutes. This helps to increase loyalty and brand awareness, avoid getting into Spam and so much more.

    Global Coverage

    Using SMS senders allows conducting mass messaging campaigns from all over the globe via any international mobile operator from any corner of the world, which increases your geography and provides you with a new audience. Full coverage of the target audience is the way to success. Send SMS in any language thanks to Unicode support.


    Today you do not need any software or coding skills for complex connections and sending mass SMS online. You may connect to API and use SMS sender’s platform as your own. You may integrate any customer or payment management system for balance replenishment, automatic payments and bank transfers. Connect to SMS API and send SMS for your projects cheap & fast.

    Speed & Price

    Usually, your average campaign may vary from 1 SMS / 5 min to 1000 SMS / min. Latin or Cyrillic. Transliteration is allowed to save space. You may apply extended schedules for triggered messaging, maintaining constant communication with your clients. Your SMS sending may be carried out at a speed of 200-500 SMS/sec! The prices are lower as compared to other advertising types. 

    SMS Analytics 

    Every trusted platform for SMS messaging offers detailed reports. All message statuses are received from worldwide mobile operators, which help to measure campaign success and increase the percentage of traffic & sales to your businesses and websites. Get the insights you need with the help of SMS analytics dashboards that track SMS status, SMS delivery, compliance status, opt-ins & opt-outs, etc. Real-time analytics gives you the fullest picture.

    Why Sending Online SMS with Atomic SMS Sender?

    Atomic Bulk SMS Sender service changes the way people communicate and helps businesses of any size deepen their customer relationships & customer experience. Choose Atomic bulk emailing service because:

    • It is designed to provide mobile marketing sending bulk text messages (SMS) from your PC or laptop desktop via the Internet connection;

    • It allows you to send both single and mass text messages directly from your PC desktop;

    • Bulk SMS Software's interface is very intuitive and easy-to-follow;

    •  It is easy to install and set up: all you need is your login info to Atomic SMS Sender service (register it beforehand);

    • Easy to customize and run your mass SMS campaigns;

    • Free to copy and distribute mass texting software to all computers you may want.

    • You may send SMS online all over the world with more than 200 countries and 900 operators;

    • No Spam issues or other violations;

    • Full personal data protection;

    • SMS messaging price is as low as possible on mobile market.

    And the last but not the least, this bulk SMS sending software is distributed as freeware, you are charged for SMS messaging only. 

    Get started with mass text messaging today together with Atomic Software SMS product!

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