10 Email Marketing Tips to Increase B2B Sales in 2023

    by Maulik Patel

    10 Email Marketing Tips to Increase B2B Sales

    Don’t you know that users spend most of their time on Social Media? Then why bother them with email marketing? After all, we are in B2B.

    If you think alike, you seriously need to update your knowledge bank.

    Let me help.

    These 5 Statistics will change your attitude towards email marketing for B2B

    1. Email is the third-largest source of influential information for B2B audiences.
    2. 86% of businesses prefer emails to communicate business purposes in detail.
    3. B2B email campaigns increase CTR by 47% as compared to B2C Email Campaigns.
    4. According to 59% of B2B marketers, email is the most effective channel for revenue generation.
    5. Each dollar invested in email marketing returns 44 dollars in exchange.

    OMG! Tell me how to do it.

    Soon enough.

    Imagine you throw a party and waiting for everyone to come. But tell me, will anyone come when they don’t even know about the party? First of all, you have to send an invitation to the party so that people know about it and think to come.

    Similarly, before you start sending emails, you have to build a big email list (invite people) so that you have more people to enjoy email content.

    Let’s first increase your email list with the help of sky-rocketing tips from Matt Jabs.


    Increase Your Email Subscription List

    1. Combine Social Media and Email Marketing

    Matt Jabs, co-founder of popular DIY Natural blog, shares his story of reaching to 80K email subscribers via social media.

    Initially, looking at the craze for social media, Matt experimented with paid posts on Facebook through which he reached only 15K subscribers. Disappointed with the results, he later added email marketing to the equation.

    One of his strategies includes Pinterest where he added sign up forms and pop-ups on its popular Pinterest Pages to take the maximum advantage of increasing traffic and approach viewers to sign up for email subscription list.

    DIY Natural Pinterest Page

    DIY Natural Pinterest Page

    Another example of combining email marketing with social media includes Facebook. As you know Facebook allows you to place the sign-up button on your Facebook page from where you can invite visitors to join your subscribers’ list.

    Focus on the two or three social channels that your audience is and leave it alone after that. Don't spread yourself too thin publishing to every social media network that comes out.
    Matt Jabs.

    2. Offer Freedom to Choose Number of Emails

    The moment of building trust comes when users click on sign up or subscribe to list and enter their mail id. It is there you have to win their trust. The best formula is to ask them how many emails they would like to receive in a week: 1, 2 or 3. It assures them that you won’t flood their inbox with unnecessary emails.

    Matt Jabs always prefer to send fewer but better emails. Even he is planning to switch on the weekly digest to share valuable content with a like-minded community.

    3. Announce Contests and Giveaways to Win New Emails

    You can’t rely on your already grown-up email list. Email marketing is a non-stop process for which you have to put efforts to keep the flow of new emails coming throughout the year.

    Matt launches one or two contests or giveaways each month on its social media networks to bring new subscribers to the picture.

    With the above tips, you have a timeless strategy to invite email subscribers now and then. Once you reach a fat list of email ids, a final time comes to throw a real party.


    How to Increase B2B Sales via Email Marketing?

    Understand the Difference Between Your Clients

    Not all clients are the same. Nor their requirements and their behavior. You have to understand each client, its behavior, work, and requirements if you want to strike a real deal.

    I know, you don’t have enough time to understand each and every client, so I researched a few tips to help you see a real picture of all clients within minutes:

    • Gather a list of companies that need your services: Let’s say for e.g. you supply stationary. You have to collect all sorts of companies needing stationary. It can be an IT company demanding regular supply of stationery, or a store selling stationery in the local area. Schools or hospitals. Gather them all with names, email ids, and contact numbers.
    • Distribute them in Groups: Categorize companies as per their niche. For e.g. put IT companies in A group, Hospital in B group, Stationery stores in C group. This way you can focus on the requirements of the whole group, instead of focusing on each client.
    • Create Emails As Per Groups: One size doesn’t fit all. Similarly, one email can’t trigger actions for all clients. That’s why you have to create a customized email for each group reflecting their needs. Soon, we will discuss how.

    Design Your Email Subject Line - Doorway

    An email subject line is a doorway to email content.

    “On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy.”
    David Ogilvy

    Email subject line decides whether your email is worth opening or not. An average office worker receives 121 emails a day from which you have a few meager seconds to grab their attention. I insist on paying more attention to design email subject line for each group we categorized earlier.

    3 Ingredients to Craft a Killer Email Subject

    • It must promise a benefit
      • Time-Saving
      • Money-Saving
      • Increased productivity, etc.
    • A pack of powerful words to trigger emotions
      • Free or % Discount
      • For Your Employees
      • For Your Customers
      • An Exclusive Offer for you
      • You’re Invited, etc.
    • Self-Interest: No matter how catchy the subject line is, if it doesn’t possess what readers want for themselves, they are not going to open it at any cost. So before you decide words, make a note on the self-interest of each group and reflect the same in your email subject line.

    Welcome Your Readers with a Warm Header

    If an email subject line is a doorway, the email header is a welcome tradition for users. Make sure it’s a warm welcome to make users feel and think special.

    A good header will guide readers down to the body content of your email while a flub one will bounce them away.

    3 Formulas to Build a Bear-Hugging Email Header

    Remember one thing: Your email is not about you, it’s about your clients.

    1. Write an empathetic email header to inquire readers that you care for them.
    2. Infuse “You” instead of “I”.
    3. Visualize what clients are most concerned about, something that keeps them up at night, and reflect the same in your header with a promise to a solution.

    The key point of your header is to show readers that they can trust you to understand problems and you will surely give them a solution. Craft your header accordingly.

    Serve Your Readers with Content Delicacies

    Readers entered from Doorway (subject line). You welcomed them with a bear-hug (email header). Now it's time to serve them with some content delicacies to make them stay for a while and take them all the way down to call-to-action - time to design email content/

    3 Content Dishes You must Serve in Email

    1. Relevancy: explain in a few words why you send them an email
    2. Problem-solving: tell them how you will solve their problem
    3. Call-to-action: take them to the site where they will receive the solution

    Short and sweet. Isn’t it?

    Let me give you a similar example of Warby Parker’s to-the-point email.

    Subject Line: Uh-oh, your prescription is expiring.

    of Warby Parker’s to-the-point email

    Read the email closely. You will notice the charm of personalization and the tips we discussed earlier.

    In the end, the company has introduced about itself, which only a few will care to read. Still, it should come in the picture as an icing on the cake.

    Wait, wait, we are not done here.

    A few nuts and bolts are needed to fit in your email marketing campaign for B2B.

    Don’t Address CEO’s in your Email

    Of course, the CEOs of the organization are the one you want to impress the most, but they don't have much time for emails. Better to gather the email list of employees handling nitty-gritty tasks of the company. Like HR department, marketing managers, assistants, etc.

    Take the help of Email Service Providers

    You can’t spend all your week running an email marketing campaign.

    Content Marketing, social media marketing, SEO, etc., also need your attention. Automate some email marketing tasks with the help of Email Service Providers (ESPs) to save time and productivity. ESPs offer services like email designing tools, email list management, etc. Benchmark, Constant Contact, Aweber, and Convert Kit are some of the top email service providers.

    Authenticate Your Email

    You don’t want your well-designed email to end up in spam folder right?

    Email authentication saves your email from spam. They allow emails to be sent on your behalf instead of using some by default address like “via mcsv.net” which makes your email look random. MailChimp, a marketing automation tool, offer email authentication services.


    To Conclude

    Well. That was a lot to implement. I suggest you take one step at a time. Follow each tip appropriately even if it takes time. Once you set-up the entire email marketing campaign, you are good to go for years to come.

    Written by:
    Maulik Patel
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