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    Atomic HLR Service

    Save budget on bulk texting campaigns by sending HLR lookup

    Save money
    with HLR Service
    Send SMS
    only active users
    Know the location
    of your clients
    Find out who are
    in the roaming
    Info about
    mobile carier

    Send more, pay less

    HLR lookup helps to economize money to SMS sending because you don’t notify clients that won’t get your SMS

    Improve segmantation

    Segment your clients' database according to users' location and prepare unique proposition to each group.

    Delete nonexistent phone numbers

    Clear the list from invalid phone numbers to get only real customers in the database.

    Save money with our HLR service

    The price of checking is lower than price for 1 SMS. It is cheaper to use phone number verification software and delete invalid numbers than waste money on each campaign.

    Try Atomic HLR Service

    Create personal account and test HLR lookup for free

    Register in our Member Area and get the opportunity to check up to 10 numbers for free.
    Be careful, you can use 10 tests for HLR and SMS. For example, send 3 free SMS and check 7 numbers.

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