Powerful and extremely functional solution to handle mailing lists and make them perfect.

Mass emailing requires senders to manage many email address lists. Email marketers know that fresh, quality mailing lists are the key to the success of any bulk email campaign.

Some email lists are small enough to be handled by a simple spreadsheet, while others require much more powerful and functional solutions. This is where Atomic List Manager comes in. It’s able to process one or several active email lists, and can work with email lists of any size while serving a wide variety of functions.

In-house studies show that using Atomic Mailing List Manager increases ROI up to 25%.

Here's How Atomic List Manager Works

Atomic List Manager can split and merge email lists containing multiple data parameters.

Our mailing list software can split your list using “common sense” filters. For example, it can exclude invalid and duplicate emails and free email addresses like Hotmail, Yahoo or others.

Our mail list manager also performs a number of "mix-and-match" and filtering tasks based on parameters other than email address. For example, the email list manager can easily personalize mailing lists. It finds an entry with both an email address and a name (like "John Smith" <jsmith@e-mail.com>). If the program locates the address jsmith@e-mail.com, it adds the name string to email the address automatically.

The program can also purge the list of "suspicious" emails, like NULL@, REMOVE@, SUBSCRIBE@, UNSUBSCRIBE@, CANCEL@, NEWSLETTER@, etc.

Another great option is Atomic List Manager’s "repair email" feature. Frequently, users misspell parts of email addresses. This tool implements a unique algorithm that tries to repair invalid emails, and checks the validity of the "repaired" version. To see how our email list software works please download the program and try it out.

The complete list of Atomic List Manager tools


Use email validation software along with the email list management program to detect even more nonexistent addresses in your list.
Take a look at Atomic List Manager Online if you prefer services to software!


Atomic List Manager

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Atomic List Manager - Sorting Email Addresses

Atomic List Manager - Filtering settings

Atomic List Manager - Repair email addresses

Atomic List Manager - Check and repair email zones

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