Atomic Mail Sender

Bulk Email Software for streamlining your email-marketing campaigns

Email Extractor

Software for extracting email addresses from websites

Email Verifier

Remove invalid emails from your lists to improve delivery and inboxing rates

Atomic SMS Sender

Send bulk SMS at low rates using our online service

Best for Bulk Email Marketing

create and send mass e-mail
Atomic Mail Sender
  • Streamline your bulk email marketing
    campaigns - create and send personalized email letters:
  • High speed of delivery
  • Statistics
  • Easy-to-use message editor
  • Built-in templates
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extract emails
Atomic Email Hunter
  • Import existing contacts and find new email addresses:
  • Create targeted mailing lists
  • Search for email addresses on websites
  • Search for email addresses by keywords
  • High speed and accuracy of search

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Atomic Mail Verifier
Atomic Mail Verifier
  • Checking the validity of email addresses:
  • Verify email syntax
  • Verify domains
  • Verify emails
  • Unlimited lists

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Atomic Email Studio - nine programs in one

Atomic Email Studio is an all-in-one bulk email marketing software that consists of nine top email marketing programs. The package's main program is Atomic Mail Sender. There are also other programs for email search, email collection from various sources, editing and managing contact lists in the package.

Atomic Email Studio is an integrated solution containing all Atomic programs for email marketing. It includes nine email marketing modules for bulk mailings:

  • Atomic Mail Sender (to send email newsletters)
  • Atomic List Manager (to edit mailing lists)
  • Atomic Subscription Manager (to handle subscriptions automatically)
  • Atomic Mail Verifier (to verify email lists)
  • Atomic Email Hunter (to collect contacts from the Internet)
  • Atomic Email Logger (to gather contacts from local files)
  • Atomic WHOIS Explorer (to collect contacts from the global WHOIS database)
  • Atomic Newsgroup Explorer (to extract contacts from newsgroups)
  • Atomic Web Spider (to collect contacts from visited websites)

Simply put, Atomic Email Studio is the ultimate solution to automate each and every stage of your bulk email marketing campaigns.

Clients' reviews

See what our client's have to say about our bulk email marketing software

«We can definitely see the growth in loyalty among our VIP clients and partners. We haven't yet enabled SMS notifications for our regular users, but the time is well within sight.»

Rafael Sultanov, CEO of iBuildApp,

«Atomic Mail Sender ensures that our clients receive urgent information. The program has a user-friendly interface that makes our work much easier.».

Sergei Zavaliy, CEO of Fintech Trading Inc.,

«We have been using Atomic SMS Sender for quite a while now. We have no complaints at all. The service has definitely helped us increase sales. It is very convenient and efficient.»

Eugenia Primak, manager of O'HARA Irish Pub and Brewer,

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mass email software?

Bulk email marketing implies the use of specific software designed to send email messages automatically. This option is the prerogative of bulk email marketing software aimed to solve main email marketing tasks like email addresses search, lists management, user subscription/unsubscription, sending newsletters and monitoring the results.

What are our products for?

We have developed a range of Atomic products that are represented by set of indispensable software for efficient email marketing. They include high-speed email extractors, reliable email verifier, full-featured list manager, bulk email sender and detailed email tracker. These Atomic software make up a full package of email marketing solutions to create and send email campaigns followed by monitoring.

What companies can benefit from our software and services?

Generally, bulk email marketing is an essential part for any small and medium business company. There is no difference what kind of business branches your activity relates to. Anyway you need to contact with clients, leads and customers. Atomic bulk email software makes this communication maximum automated, user-friendly and beneficial for the clients.

What are the benefits for your customers?

The important point is mass e-newsletters legality: in such a way your campaigns will stand out among widespread spam mailings. Make you customers informed and loyal – they will raise your sales up and make your business successful. Bulk mailing is the best and up-to-date way to inform customers about company news, personal discounts, and bonuses or tell other important information.

How can bulk email marketing software influence your business?

There are several points to answer this question. First, bulk email software is rather cost-effective, you do not need to pay monthly fee like in web-service accounts. Second, Atomic products have user-friendly interface and clear settings. And the third main point is that bulk email marketing software can help you to influence company sales through email newsletters with your product ads.

How to get started with using our products?

In order to start using any of Atomic software you need to download its trial version from our website and then purchase a registration key to get a license.As for web-services, free registration is required. After it you choose necessary tariff and pay monthly fee up to the moment you need to use Atomic web-service.

Do you have to have special knowledge for using bulk email marketing software?

Our bulk marketing software is rather user-friendly, and even a beginner user can work with the application. It does not require special technical knowledge. As a result you can download, install and use email sender or email extractor in minutes.

When can you expect to have results?

Email marketing much differs from spam email messages. If you expect to benefit from bulk email campaigns for your customers, you must remember about getting their consent before sending mailings. And of course be ready to email interesting and relevant information your clients really want and need to know.

How can you try our products and decide if it's something you need?

Each program, either mass mailing software or email validation software, is available for download and testing its demo-version before deciding whether you have a demand in it and want to register the program.

What can you do if something doesn't go right?

Each program you download and install has a built-in User Manual with recommendation of usage and answers to frequently asked questions.Do not hesitate to contact our customer support if you have any questions about Atomic software.