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    Effective bulk mailing service

    If you’re looking for reliable free mass e mail tools with a customizable module that allows you to send personal messages, cold or even bulk mails to a specific segment of users, that’s the one you need!

    Atomic bulk emailing service like this have a built-in content designer for preparing a template, a distinctive feature of which is the use of variables, as well as other useful features. Automatically substituted values allow personalizing your letters. You may refer to the addressee by name; include social media buttons, CTAs and so much more.

    Use tools for blast emails such as Atomic Mail Sender and build email newsletters that not only subscribers but also spam filters will like with the help of our tool. To strengthen email sending, use bulk SMS. Be near your clients all the time.

    Using Bulk SMS sending services, you can inform a target audience, tell subscribers about products and promotions, advertise offers, receive feedback, increase the number of repeat sales and convert subscribers into buyers.

    Bulk SMS for your marketing campaigns, letter processing services or spam-check — all these are available on the basis of Atomic Software, and even more! It has its own internal SMTP server to delivers your email messages directly to its recipients by avoiding your ISP system.

    Atomic Mail Sender is a mass emailing software for any sort of marketing campaign that allows creating and sending many messages to an unlimited number of recipients. What can be better than this for an effective emailing solution?

    So, feel free to load our Bulk Email marketing software to send mass message campaigns with easy-to-use and effective mail program to your unlimited newsletter lists!

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