Atomic Mail Sender

Program for bulk email sendings

  • Flexible SMTP settings
  • Proxy server support
  • Detailed statistics
  • Spam check
  • Unsubscribe wizard
  • Free templates
Mass Mailer

Atomic Mail Sender - incredible bulk mailer

Plan, create, and send email messages. Also, monitor and receive your bulk email sending results within the program!

  • Complete set of functions necessary for mass email-sending
  • Send bulk emails to an unlimited number of recipients
  • Works with any SMTP server; the program has a built-in SMTP server
  • Monitor the results of your campaigns through Atomic Email Tracker service and Google Analytics

Sending with bulk emailer is incredibly simple.

bulk mailer

How does mass mailer work?

Write a letter to your recipients using the visual editor or HTML editor or create a simple text email

With the ability to send HTML emails, Atomic Mail Sender allows you to create colorful email presentations. You can always make your messages memorable and unique with our large number of free HTML templates.

Add recipients or import a list of email addresses to bulk emailer

The number of email addresses plays no critical role. Some clients regularly send emails to 50,000, 100,000, and more than 200,000 addresses. One of the key features of the program is the ability to send email to an unlimited number of recipients.

All that’s left is to press the Send button, and the recipients will receive your email

The bulk email software works in a multi-thread mode, which provides high speed. Therefore, even if the connection is slow, you can send out several hundred email messages in just a minute.

Atomic Mail Sender screenshots:

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bulk email sender

bulk mailer

bulk email

mass mailer

What clients are saying about Atomic Mail Sender:

At last we found a reliable, impressive and easy bulk mail software. Atomic Mail Sender is the best solution. It satisfies all our needs. With onetime payment we are able to send thousands of e-mails, creat multi mail-lists, it guarantees the frequency of emails, as well as allows to add Facebook and Twitter buttons into messages. I just wanted to thank You for the best and most reliable services and support that you provide! Atomic Mail Sender is the best solution ever. Thank you!

Narine, "Paradox LLC"

We’ve been using the Atomic Mail Sender for a few years now and I’m glad to say that your mass mailing software has made our lives very easy. We have a big database of members to whom we have to communicate on a regular basis. Atomic Mail Sender stays up to date with the latest technology and ensures that our emails get delivered. Thank you for a great product.

Albert la Grange, "University of Makeup"

After spending some six months building an email database and 'struggling' with a competitive product to mail out to users, we found Atomic Mail Sender. Your product has saved us countless hours and headaches. I would more than happily endorse it. Well done.

Peter Van Vliet, "FDRS"

I couldn't believe how simple the software is to use. I'm not tech savvy, but i was able to install and set up the software in about 30 minutes. The Mail Sender has so many features that keep me organized and saves time. I like that i'm able to personalize my mailing list with one click. Also, customer service is great. Any time i have a question or problem, i'm able to get an answer usually within 3-4 minutes. Great job Atomic!

Daniel Wiggins, "First Time Home Buyers Co."

Over the years we have tried many different email sending services. Atomic email sender is by far the best when it comes to ease of use and high delivery success rate. Thanks for a great product!

Gregory Hadley, "JSK Imports"


Mass Mailer

What is a bulk email?

Bulk email is a marketing message that is sent repeatedly to lots and lots of recipients at a time. Such mass mailing is the prerogative of companies and organizations and it is known as email marketing.

Mass Mailer

What is a bulk email sender?

Bulk Email Sender software is widely used by email-marketers for sending emails (such as newsletters) to a large group of recipients. It allows you to spread the news regarding your products or services to a big audience in a short period of time.

Mass Mailer

How to send bulk email?

Atomic Mail Sender contains all must-have tools to send bulk email. You can use ready-made professional designer email templates in order to create effective mass mailings. Customize SMTP-servers and send your mass mailings instantly to the list of subscribers.

Mass Mailer

Why do I need Atomic Mail Sender?

With the help of Atomic Mail Sender, you can create and send unlimited emails to any number of recipients. It's a professional and high-performance mass email software for your email marketing campaigns.

Mass Mailer

Are there any limitations on the number of addresses on the email list?

You can add unlimited number of email addresses on your mailing list.

Mass Mailer

Can I personalize my emails?

Send personalized emails to all your recipients with one click. If you use tokens in the body of your email, our bulk email sender will replace them with the recipient's name, city, website address, or any other information associated with the recipient.

Mass Mailer

How do I use an SMTP server with Atomic Mail Sender?

Flexible SMTP settings. Use any SMTP server to which you have access, including free ESP SMTPs, built-in SMTP, or one you found/rented/bought. (If you do not know where to get an SMTP server, read this article: SMTP for Atomic Email Marketing Software. Atomic bulk email sender lets you rotate SMTP servers, limit the number of emails sent through each SMTP, set delivery delays, and much more.

Mass Mailer

Is Atomic Mail Sender proxy-compatible?

Supports proxies, proxy rotation, custom DNS, custom headers.

Mass Mailer

What are the importing options?

Import mailing lists from clipboard, .TXT, .CSV, Excel, Word, Access, and more file formats. Our group mailer can import emails from your Outlook address book or use mailing lists generated by our Email Extractor or any other email harvester.

Mass Mailer

How do I track the results of a campaign?

Atomic Mail Sender software is very reliable for mass email marketing, but it is used only for sending emails, so when it comes to tracking the results and taking actions based on them, you need to use an email tracker. When integrated with Atomic Email Tracker (our web-based newsletter monitoring system), the mass mailer provides you with the ability to check how many sent emails were opened and how many links in a message were clicked; it also allows comparison of the effectiveness of email campaigns and shows which countries' recipient are more active. But the email tracker goes beyond these features by actually showing the email address of each user that clicks on the link, the time of their website visit, and the page they landed on. This function is very useful for determining who is ready to buy the product, and makes it easy to follow up with another email or a phone call.

Mass Mailer

Are there any programs that must be used with Atomic Mail Sender?

Atomic Mail Sender is a stand-alone bulk mailer program. All you need in order to send bulk emails is an Internet connection. Start the program, edit or load your mailing list, and press "Send"! The beauty of our bulk email sender is that you are in total control of it, yet you have so little to do in order to get it running.