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    Affordable SMTP Server

    What is SMTP server?

    Effective email marketing is often impossible without a quality SMTP server for bulk emails.

    Atomic Mail Sender with built-in SMTP solution is an ideal choice for companies that plan to send bulk emails. It is an affordable and cost-effective marketing tool.

    Every entrepreneur, marketer, and user will appreciate the ability to integrate any external SMTP services into the bulk mailer.

    Choice of a reliable SMTP-server

    Improve deliverability by choosing between built-in server or external SMTP servers.

    It is recommended to use an integrated SMTP server of our partner to improve the sending efficiency and security.

    Here is a list of SMTP server providers that we trust with our clients' mailings. Study, test, and choose from them:

    SMTP2GO is the scalable, reliable email deliverability solution. Worldwide servers, a robust API, and powerful reporting set us apart.

    SMTP.com Affordable SMTP and email relay API services. SMTP.com sends billions of emails every month with 99.99% uptime and unmatched delivery.

    Find out all the questions regarding tariff plans and conditions for using SMTP servers on our partners' websites.

    To clearly identify the company and to confirm sender authenticity, we recommend generating a DKIM signature and SPF entries. This will increase the deliverability of your email messages and reduce the possibility of messages from your domain being delivered to recipients’ spam folders.

    Our own experience

    Atomic Mail Sender is developed according to recommendations for bulk emails.

    This provides high-quality, easy-to-create email messages and high-speed delivery to any corner of the world.

    That is the main reason why large companies and organizations, as well as small- and medium-sized businesses that have chosen quality and safety, are among the users of Atomic Mail Sender.

    Detailed reports

    Atomic Mail Sender provides detailed reports of two types - individual reports for an individual email address and bulk reports for the entire email campaign.

    Statistics can be saved to a local MS Excel file. According to your needs, there is an opportunity to create a report with different email delivery statuses.

    Statistics analysis helps you optimize your marketing strategy, correct the settings of your bulk mail sender, and improve the email messages deliverability.


    Customer support

    Our professional team of specialists is always ready to help you with the bulk mailer customization, and choosing the proper SMTP server for your needs.

    Contact our technical support via email or online chat - we have a professional team who are ready to answer all your questions about Atomic Mail Sender.

    Our experts can be reached any day of the week, including weekends.


    Personal domain name for monitoring mailings

    If you choose an integrated SMTP server of our partner we recommend you to monitor your mailings with the help of your personal domain name.

    Specify the domain name and necessary settings in your account of our partner SMTP service. The monitoring occurs through your domain, and the statistics is available in your SMTP service account.


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