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    Mobile application builder iBuildApp uses Atomic SMS Sender for communication with VIP clients

    About iBuildApp

    iBuildApp is a mobile application builder. It allows companies and private individuals to create cross-platform mobile applications for Android, iPhone, iPad, and mobile sites. Creation of new applications with the help of iBuildApp is absolutely free. You can make an application in several minutes. Different pricing levels offer new opportunities for managing your apps.


    The company had one main task—to send transactional SMS messages to VIP clients and partners.

    Why the company chose Atomic products?

    iBuildApp chose Atomic SMS Sender based on the recommendation of a colleague who had been using the product for several years and was completely satisfied with its collaboration and customer care. It was important for iBuildApp to have a convenient API to automate SMS sending. Atomic SMS Sender lived up to the company’s expectations.

    The results of using Atomic products

    The company managed to significantly cut its expenses, because Atomic’s bulk SMS-sending service provided more favorable terms than other suppliers from USA and Europe.

    Now, iBuildApp uses Atomic SMS Sender to send urgent messages about changes in the system to VIP clients and VIP resellers.

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