Loyalty Program

    AtomPark’s Software Loyalty Program aims for easy and pleasant collaboration! We reward those who choose our company’s products at least once. Join our Loyalty Program and enjoy all the benefits.

    We value your participation and give you an opportunity to purchase and evaluate more of our products.

    It is quite easy to become a member of our Loyalty Program:

    • Choose and buy the software you like at our website: http://www.massmailsoftware.com
    • Get essential discounts on your future purchases:

    • • 20% discount on any other Atomic software

      • 30% discount on any additional licenses for the product you purchased.

    Our Loyalty Program provides you with the opportunity to buy and use more of our marketing software products and services. There is no complex bonus system or long-term customer requirement—our Loyalty Program applies to anyone who buys a product from us!

    The Loyalty Program provides you with lifetime discounts, and it’s valid for all types of clients. You do not have to fill in any forms, create an account, or complete a registration. You are automatically added to our Loyalty Program with your first purchase.

    Our customers can go to the My Orders page in AtomPark’s Member Area right now, choose the email marketing software they need, and get a great discount on any other Atomic software product or additional licenses.

    We welcome every new member of our Loyalty Program and thank you for being loyal customers!

    We offer you only the best, working to provide you with high quality email software products and professional customer service.

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