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Youtube Brasil Awards Top100 – Atomic Email Hunter – #21 Science and Technology

Hey guys, We are extremely happy to announce that Atomic Email Hunter video got #21 place on Youtube Brasil Top-100 Awards in Science and Technology.

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Is it Possible to Crawl 700,000 Emails from Facebook in 30 minutes?

Hey, guys! It’s technical experiment – is it really possible to extract emails from Facebook. Now it’s even more interesting – it’s a contest. We have such limits: Only 30 minutes of time Using only One piece of software Crawling emails from most popular and secure social network – Facebook (Guys we really respect You […]

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Email Marketing 2010 – Sending Emails on Sundays. It works!

While most experts will say there’s no such thing as the perfect time for email marketing to send your email offer or newsletter, conventional wisdom holds that Tuesday—generally speaking—is the best day for a campaign, and Friday the worst. “The theory behind the rule of thumb makes sense,” notes Caroline Ruggiero at the Marketo blog. […]

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Email Marketing 2010 – Top 8 Aspects of Buying Email Marketing Lists

Targeting the right audience is the key to success for any email marketing campaign. Up-to-date contact information, valid email addresses, and the tools to segment a list accurately are must-haves for any marketer, yet they are by no means assured in the lists purchased from business-contact vendors. And as every marketer knows, limited list filtering […]

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Social Media Techniques 2010 – TOP 23 Social Media Trends

The fact that audience has the control starts to sink in. Social media will get real budgets. Social media will be integrated to overall marketing activities. Social media ROI will become important. Brands start to use listening platforms to monitor the conversations. Social media will reach behind corporate firewalls. Customer service and interaction with businesses […]