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    TOP 3 Reasons Why Stand-Alone Autoresponder Software is Better than Web-Based Services

    Hey guys, Hope you’re doing really great! Today I want to discuss why stand-alone autoresponder software is better than a web-based autoresponder services. I will try to keep it short, so here are 3 little but important reasons why autoresponder software is better than autoresponder web service. 1.) Email Campaign Limits – In most times you are restricted in quantity of Email Campaigns. In example you run few campaigns, and then you need to launch few more, but the maximum number of email campaigns allowed by your autoresponder provider is limited to 5. Sounds bad, huh? You can chose now […]

    Atomic Email Autoreply – Let it talk to your clients!

    Today I’d like to talk about one of the most useful tools in email marketing – Autoresponder software. As we all know, in most cases it’s a somewhere-based subscription service with monthly fee (hmmm, well, that looks limited and expensive). What I want to talk about today is a stand-alone fully functional autoresponder solution with no monthly fees. Sounds interesting? It is! So let me introduce Atomic Email Autoreply – smart autoresponder software that talks to your clients, filters messages and does so much more! Atomic Email Autoresponder (AEA) is a really must-have software for effective communication with your customers. […]

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