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comments 21.04.2011 Paul Shuteyev @ Email Marketing, Email Newsletters, Internet Marketing Strategies

TOP 3 Reasons Why Stand-Alone Autoresponder Software is Better than Web-Based Services

Hey guys, Hope you’re doing really great! Today I want to discuss why stand-alone autoresponder software is better than a web-based autoresponder services. I will try to keep it short, so here are 3 little but important reasons why autoresponder software is better than autoresponder web service. 1.) Email Campaign Limits – In most times […]

comments 10.05.2010 Paul Shuteyev @ Email Marketing, Internet Marketing Strategies, Marketing

Atomic Email Autoreply – Let it talk to your clients!

Today I’d like to talk about one of the most useful tools in email marketing – Autoresponder software. As we all know, in most cases it’s a somewhere-based subscription service with monthly fee (hmmm, well, that looks limited and expensive). What I want to talk about today is a stand-alone fully functional autoresponder solution with […]