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Take advantage of Atomic discounts and package offers! Hope, these offers will meet your objectives and will seem you profitable.

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Volume discounts

3 products 10% OFF

4+ products 20% OFF

Multiple license discount up to 55% OFF


Email Marketing Pack (9 email marketing programs) 50% OFF

Client discounts

Regular customer's discount varies

Upgrade discount 40% OFF


Educational discount 20% OFF

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In fact, when you order a bundle of products it pays as you get wider opportunities at better price!

3 products, 10% OFF

Order 3 products on this website and obtain 10% discount.

4+ products, 20% OFF

If you order 4 programs or more you save 20% from the basic price.

Multiple license, up to 55% discount

When you order two or more copies of the same software, the Multiple license discount becomes applicable to your order in accordance with the following scheme:

Number of licenses


E.g.: Atomic Email Hunter, price per 1 license

$ 89.9
$ 76.415
$ 71.92
$ 67.425
$ 62.93
$ 53.94
$ 40.455

Fill the difference: If you order 3 different programs, you get 10% OFF, but ordering 3 copies of the same software, you are entitled to 20% discount!

Email Marketing pack, 50% OFF (Atomic Email Studio)

If you are still puzzling over what email marketing related programs can become necessary for you, how to choose only the most necessary, the best ones and how to save more than 50% at that, just purchase Atomic Email Studio license unlocking 9 email marketing programs:

Atomic Mail Sender for sending email newsletters

Atomic List Manager for editing mailing lists

Atomic Subscription Manager for handling subscriptions automatically

Atomic Mail Verifier for verifying e-mail addresses

Atomic Email Hunter for collecting contacts from the Internet

Atomic Email Logger for gathering contacts from local files

Atomic Newsgroup Explorer for extracting contacts from newsgroups

Atomic Whois Explorer for collecting contacts from global WHOIS database

Atomic Web Spider for collecting contacts from visited websites

Then, download Atomic Email Studio (20 Mb) to have everything that you may need for your e-mail campaigns in one screen.

Unbeatable Email Extractor Pack

Looking for new customers or partners? Email Extractor package is the best way to reach you goals. Atomic Hunter gets emails of your perspective clients automatically while Web Spider helps to laser-target email addresses from pages as you open them in your webrowser. Atomic Hunter and Web Spider cost $ 89.9 and $ 49.85 when you order separately.

Get Atomic Hunter and WebSpider for $ 97

Atomic Email Hunter A program to extract e-mail addresses from Web sites.  It works with HTTP protocol and doesn't depends on IE - $ 89.9

Atomic Web Spider Extract contact information from every web page visited  automatically! It acts like browser plug-in - $ 29.85

Regular customer's discount

Some special discounts varying from 20 to 80% apply to the regular customers. These discounts are available in our clients' personal password protected Member Area (MA) in the Home -> Discounts section (MA login information is sent along with order and payment details via email).

Upgrade, 40% OFF

There is no time limitations on using ordered software, but if you wish to upgrade for free, do not forget to do it within one year from the moment of purchase, beyond that one-year free upgrading period you can renew your registration key with 40% discount. To track your upgrading status, please refer to your personal MA account, My software -> Registration keys section.

Educational 20% discount

The Educational 20% discount for students and teachers is available upon request. Please contact us at annagorina at atompark dot com to request this discount, do not forget to provide some proof to qualify for the education discount.

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us

Product Discounts

Product Price Savings

Atomic Mail Sender

$ 89.9

up to $ 44.95 [discount page]

Atomic Email Hunter

$ 89.9

up to $ 44.95 [discount page]

Atomic Email Logger

$ 39.85

up to $ 19.925 [discount page]

Atomic Lead Extractor

$ 59.9

up to $ 29.95 [discount page]

Atomic Mail Verifier

$ 69.85

up to $ 34.925 [discount page]

Atomic List Manager

$ 39.85

up to $ 19.925 [discount page]

Atomic Email Autoresponder

$ 39.85

up to $ 19.925 [discount page]

Atomic Subscription Manager

$ 49.85

up to $ 24.925 [discount page]

Atomic Email Studio

$ 229

up to $ 114.5 [discount page]