What is email marketing?

    The growing demand for various areas of Internet marketing is due to a number of real factors. Everything is learned empirically. And the practice has shown that it is email marketing that is capable of solving even practically insoluble issues today.

    A crisis and a sudden decrease in user activity are not terrible if email marketing is mastered. With the increasing competition and the desire to save time and resources on other channels of product promotion, marketers are increasingly turning to email newsletters. But in order to realize the full potential of this direction, you need to understand why email marketing is needed for a business, its strengths, and weaknesses.

    Why I should send email marketing campaigns

    The main benefits of email marketing are:

    • Low Cost: Email marketing is quite cheap.
    • Almost instant response ー potential customers almost immediately go to the site following the link in the email.
    • Returns visitors to the site ー some of your visitors “remember" your offer and resource again when they receive an email.
    • It is easy to track the result, as all visits and user actions on the site are easily recorded using traditional methods.

      To succeed in mass mailing it is important to choose email marketing software. Let us tell what software is needed to launch email campaigns.

    What are the main online email marketing tools?

    Establishing a two-way communication between an entrepreneur and a consumer is very effective with the help of email marketing. Each client individually receives emails about the company, the activities of the company, new products in the online store, etc. The costs of such advertising are minimal, with the help of feedback, you can track the reaction of users. It is clear that preparing a high-quality marketing email is a key step in the entire process.

    Let's take a look at the top email marketing tools from AtomPark Software.

    We also have an advantageous offer ー all these programs and much more are included in Atomic Email Studio. Try a free demo version here, and you will make sure that email marketing is convenient and effective.

    Integration in marketing is the creation of a single environment from the connection of various services, the combination of elements, and systems.

    To make the process of creating email campaigns we integrate needed programs in one software package Atomic Email Studio.

    Atomic Email Studio 一 best email marketing software

    Atomic Email Studio is an all-in-one email marketing system which consists of 6 top email marketing programs.

    Atomic Studio includes:

    • Atomic Mail Sender for sending emails.
    • Atomic Email Hunter for safe contacts extraction from the Internet.
    • Atomic Mail Verifier for verifying email lists.
    • Atomic List Manager for editing mailing lists.
    • Atomic Email Logger for gathering contacts from local files on your PC.
    • Atomic WHOIS Explorer for collecting contacts from the global WHOIS database.

    It is the best solution for your business, because:

    • you are able to send out mass emails to any number of recipients;
    • you get a lifetime license: just make one purchase;
    • you will have detailed reports on email campaigns;
    • our technical support team is online 24/7;
    • any SMTP is available.

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