How To Bulk Verify Email Address To Check If They Exist

    As a business owner, there are several ways to directly market your products to your customers. One of the most effective and still widely used methods of marketing your product is to send word to customers via snail mail or electronic mail. These days, correspondence is a lot easier with email rather than snail mail, but with thousands of email addresses being created every day, the question "how to bulk verify email address" is something that business owners want answered. Atom Park Software has come up with a solution that is able to do just this and so they created the Atomic Mail Verifier.

    As the name of the software implies, the Atomic Mail Verifier is software that answers the question "how to bulk verify email address". It uses a three-step verification that has been proven to effectively identify emails that are active, in use and are real. This saves you from sending messages to nonexistent email addresses and taking up precious bandwidth and space on your email address and server.

    How to bulk verify email address is easy with Atomic Mail Verifier. The three-level validity check that it uses includes a Syntax check, Domain check and an Email address check. This three-level validity check can be done simultaneously in one verification process or done separately, depending on your company's needs.

    The syntax check is the most basic kind of verification process. In this type of verification, the email addresses are checked with the RFC registration for correspondence.

    The second type of check is the domain check, which verifies if the domain name used in the email address does in fact exist. If that domain is not valid, the email address is tagged as a nonexistent email address as well.

    The last type of check, which is the email check, is also the last step that completes the full verification process. The software checks if the user exists by searching for a domain's SMTP server, which can help validate the existence of the email address.

    Another great feature of the Atomic Mail verifier is that after verification has been completed it returns a list of the verified emails that you can load using your Outlook Address book, other Atomic products, clipboard and even Word and Excel files. This gives you the flexibility of using the list of verified emails within the company however you want. Your sales team can use the list to upsell more of the same products to customers or to encourage them to try other products that you have. You can also use this list on a database to verify which customer has made a purchase and which ones have not. You can also use this list to ask for feedback on how your company is doing and not just to market your products.

    Atomic Mail Verifier also gives you the freedom to switch from one proxy server to another by allowing you to change the the settings of your proxy server manually. It supports many types of proxy servers including Socks 4, Socks 4a, and Socks 5 proxy servers. It also works on multithread mode so you can still use your computer even when the Atomic Mail Verifier is running simultaneously with other computer programs.

    The Atomic Mail Verifier is fully integrated with other Atomic products. You won't have any trouble connecting them with other Atomic products because it automatically detects the file format that other Atomic products use. You don't have to install any other third party software just to connect them.

    Overall, the Atomic Mail Verifier is an effective way to help you bulk verify email addresses of your customers. Visit for more information on how you can get started in using the Atomic Mail Verifier.

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