Send bulk emails with ease

    Digital marketing provided us a wide range of opportunities to make a profitable marketing campaign. There are a lot instruments which can help you to achieve your goals. Email marketing is at the top of the most effective ones. Why so? We will examine certain qualities below.

    Advantages of the bulk email sending

    Mass email marketing is inexpensive as compared to other kinds of digital marketing. Your expenses will include only creation of the email campaign, preparation of the target subscriber base, investments into software. It will pay you off and enable you to send an unlimited quantity of messages per day. Your commercial proposition reaches to all subscribers very fast.

    An excellent opportunity for direct communication

    There is a function for generating personalized messages in modern direct mail software. It is to obtain the necessary target actions by subscribers. You can easily increase your sales by building a direct dialogue, making personal propositions or getting your subscribers back. There is an amount of recipients who was interested in the product, but they didn’t purchase. You can remind them about your product and make a personal proposition for them.

    Automation of the group email sending

    Using the professional bulk email sender software Atomic Mail Sender you can automate your email campaign and make it in 2 clicks! It is very simple to manage every step of your newsletter.

    • Accomplish your mass email
    • You have made an email for bulk mail, started to send it and found a mistake in the title. No worries. Atomic Mail Sender enables to stop and edit your newsletter. Also, create and edit functions are available in offline mode.

    • Personalize your campaign automatically
    • We have already said about the importance of personalization of the emails. It builds trustful attitude to your company and product or simply attracts the attention to your message. Atomic Mail Sender will replace the name or other information if you use the tokens in the body of your email.

    • Follow the progress of your campaign
    • Next step is tracking of sending results. The software includes other software for creating, changing and analyzing the mass email campaign. Full information about the marketing campaign gives you an opportunity to choose the best algorithm of the promotion.

      As you see you can send group emails with ease!

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