Subscription Forms

    Atomic Mail Sender can automatically remove the emails of users who unsubscribed from your newsletters and add those who subscribed. There are several options when it comes to letting users subscribe and unsubscribe from your newsletters. Placing a subscription form on your website is one of the most common ways to sign up subscribers.

    You can place an unsubscribe form on another, hidden page. We recommend including a link to that page in every email you send to your subscribers.

    Subscribe form

    Unbscribe form

    Download scripts

    You can download the scripts archive from here.

    How to use the scripts?

    1. Download and unzip the archive with the scripts to a directory on your server.

      Contents of the archive:

      • readme_en.txt - instructions

      • index.html - example of including the scripts into an html page

      • signup.php - script for processing subscribe requests

      • unsubscribe.php - script for processing unsubscribe requests

      • get_addresses.php - internal script

    2. Include a subscription/unsubscribe forms into the page you want, using index.html as an example.
      For example, to include a subscription form use the code:

      <?php include_once 'signup.php' ?>
    3. Both forms can work on the same page.
    4. You can give your subscribers a direct link to the form with their email already filled in. For example:

      In this case when the user clicks the link thier email is already filled in the form(s). The subscriber only needs to click the button.

    5. For security purposes you need to modity the file named get_addresses.php and set your own mane for the list of subscribers, unsubscribed users and also the password for accessing the files from Atomic Mail Sender.

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