Atomic Email Tracker - Manual

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    Sent email messages can be tracked by Atomic Email Tracker. This service can be integrated with any email sending software, but the best performance is achieved when you use it together with Atomic Mail Sender.

    This service can be easily integrated with Atomic Mail Sender. To track a message, you should select

    • "Service"
    • "Atomic Email Tracker"

    command or the corresponding button in the toolbar. Use the new dialog box to enter the following:

    “I need track my email campaign” — if checked and your account is active, the stats are collected.

    “Login email” — your email address used to create the tracking account. As usual it is your registration email.

    “Password” — the password for the access

    “Message name” — the unique message code to use while tracking. If you use the same ID for several messages, Atomic Email Tracker detects them like one message and track together. That’s why use a different name for every message.

    How it works

    Atomic Email Tracker is an on-line service. You sign up for the tracking service on our site and activate the account, then you simply enter the account login in Atomic Mail Sender and it will start collecting the stats. When you send out your mail, Atomic Mail Sender makes appropriate corrections in the original code to allow stats collection.

    Once signed up, you can see how many users receive and read your messages, who clicks the links and what kind of links. A lot of various reports are available.

    You can sign up for the tracking service here.

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    • Inserting the text
      • Merge data
        • Inserting a link
      • Spin text
      • Random text
      • Random words
    • About the program
      • Introducing the AMS
      • AMS online
      • Main window
      • Using a command line
      • Restoring after crash
    • Settings
      • Program settings
      • SMTP Wizard
      • Interface language
      • HELO address
      • Default message properties
    • Work with the project
      • New project
      • Save project
      • HTML templates
      • Schedule the delivery
    • Message editor
      • Insert a table
      • Insert social icons
      • Unsubscribe function
      • Spam check
      • Message editor
      • Random picture
    • Recipient list
      • Recipient list
      • Find dialog
      • Unsubscribe the recipients
      • Extract email addresses
    • Sending mail
      • Message properities
      • Send test mail
      • Delivery
      • Reports
    • Monitoring
      • Tracking email messages
      • Google Analytics
      • Bounce Analyzer
    • About errors
      • Messages are not sent
      • Messages sent, but not received
    • How to…
      • Send mail
      • Personalize the mailing
      • Send mail anonimousely
      • Generate new mailing list
      • Find SMTP- server
      • Track the delivery
      • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Contacts
      • Troubleshooting
      • Atomic Mail Sender registration
      • Updating the software
      • Lost registration data
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