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    Atomic Mail Sender registration

    The current version of Atomic Mail Sender is distributed under the Shareware License. You can download the limited free trial version of the software for evaluation. If you like the program and want to purchase it, you can order the fully licensed version. You will be emailed the registration code to unlock the program instantly after the purchase.

    To buy Atomic Mail Sender online, please click the link below:

    Why should I register Atomic Mail Sender?

    Registering removes the sending limits of 50 emails at a time. Here’s a small list of the unlocked features you receive after the registration:

    • Send an unlimited number of messages (in a free trial — only 50)
    • Save messages and mailing lists (it’s locked in a free trial)
    • Free updates for a year
    • Discounts for other products
    • Technical support

    In other words, registration entitles you to a high technical support and minor software upgrades for free during one year. Registration may also entitle you to discounts on new software releases from our company. We will also send you email newsletters to keep you updated.

    Finally, by registering the software, you provide us with the resources and incentive to support the software with updates and to develop additional quality products in future. Do you need to manage your mailing lists and send actual information for your subscribers? Help us once and we’ll help you many times!

    Registration does not usually take more than 5 minutes and you receive your registration code and access to the “Member Area” instantly. To become a member, please buy Atomic Mail Sender.

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    • Inserting the text
      • Merge data
        • Inserting a link
      • Spin text
      • Random text
      • Random words
    • About the program
      • Introducing the AMS
      • AMS online
      • Main window
      • Using a command line
      • Restoring after crash
    • Settings
      • Program settings
      • SMTP Wizard
      • Interface language
      • HELO address
      • Default message properties
    • Work with the project
      • New project
      • Save project
      • HTML templates
      • Schedule the delivery
    • Message editor
      • Insert a table
      • Insert social icons
      • Unsubscribe function
      • Spam check
      • Message editor
      • Random picture
    • Recipient list
      • Recipient list
      • Find dialog
      • Unsubscribe the recipients
      • Extract email addresses
    • Sending mail
      • Message properities
      • Send test mail
      • Delivery
      • Reports
    • Monitoring
      • Tracking email messages
      • Google Analytics
      • Bounce Analyzer
    • About errors
      • Messages are not sent
      • Messages sent, but not received
    • How to…
      • Send mail
      • Personalize the mailing
      • Send mail anonimousely
      • Generate new mailing list
      • Find SMTP- server
      • Track the delivery
      • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Contacts
      • Troubleshooting
      • Atomic Mail Sender registration
      • Updating the software
      • Lost registration data
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