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Promo Mass Mailing campaign with Atomic Mail Sender

Find out how to maximize the results of promotional email campaigns with our bulk mailing tool. Discover how to check your newsletter content on spam signs automatically and increase your chances of getting into Inbox folder.   

What is promotional mass emailing?

It is a process of sending the same email message with company promotion, sale or discount offers to multiple recipients’ mailboxes.

The aim of such bulk email campaigns is to notify subscribers and make them take some action (buy, visit the website, sign-ups etc.)

The typical content of promo email messages includes:

  • sale offers,
  • information about discounts,
  • sharing coupons.
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Don’t cross the line: sending promo mass emails vs. spamming

Not so long ago promotional bulk mailing has been almost a synonym of spam. It has happened because many marketers have misused this promotion tool.

What is not good for promotional mass emails?

  • Send email messages without an unsubscribe link.
  • Not providing the user with a valid physical postal address in the message content.
  • Using deceptive subject lines.
  • Using deceptive "From," "To," and "Reply-To" names or addresses or using headers irrelevant to the content.
  • Sending irrelevant and useless content too often.

Steer clear of violating the laws governing spam messages, as doing so could result in a fine of $11,000 for each violation – that’s potential $11,000 for each email address on your list!

What do you need to start sending bulk emails?

  • the list of email subscribers that agreed to receive your emails,
  • the clear purpose of the future campaign,
  • the content you want to send (newsletter design, text, etc.)

However, it all doesn't matter when your email letters get into the spam folder, where no one will see them. That is quite usual for a promo email campaigns.

Reaching the inbox folder requires from the sender a high level of email marketing skills. But the great part of the success depends on a mass mailing tool you choose.

How to launch promotional mass email campaign with Atomic Mail Sender?

  • Download and launch the program
  • On the menu bar choose “New message” or use “Templates”

Promo Mass Mailing tool

  • Work on the content - text, images, buttons’ CTA.
  • Think over the subject line.
Header of mass email campaign


  • Don’t forget to add unsubscribe link, social network icons, and link to the web version of the email.
  • Specify your sender name, email, and company

Mass Emailing info

  • Test how it will be displayed by popular email clients

Mass mail test
The message is ready, what’s next?

  • Import the mailing list
Mass mailing list

Reach the inbox: Atomic Bulk Mail Sender antispam features

  • Check the content on spam

What can attract the spam filters' attention in the email message content?

  • using spam-words
  • typos in the text, CapsLk
  • irrelevant subheadings, images ALTs, etc.

Check these moments automatically with SpamAssassin tool before start sending.

Mass mailing spam check

Find the “Spam Check” on the Atomic Mail Sender menu bar and filter your message content on the spam signs.
Or use “Email analysis”:
Mass email check on spam signs

  • Email list management tools

Click “Recipients” on the menu and choose the function you need:

  • delete the duplicated emails
  • block, delete or unsubscribe suspicious addresses
Mailing list management
  • Link checker

Analyse the URLs you use:

Mass mailing message link check


This guidance can't guarantee the 100% success to your promo mass email campaigns. But we hope our information will help you to simplify its organization and avoid typical mistakes.