Professional anonymous SMS sender for everyone

    Atomic SMS Sender clients have a great opportunity to use our service for sending anonymous SMS. You can send messages with any desirable number or name to trick your friends, loved ones, relatives with spoof SMS.

    The recipient will not notice the difference. You can:

    • specify any the cell number you want;
    • use some special senders name (limit 11 latin symbols).

    Remember, that the use of anonymous SMS for fraudulent purposes is strictly prohibited.

    How to send SMS anonymously

    The procedure of sending SMS is simple as never before. To start exploring all the advantages of anonymous SMS sender you need:

    1. Signup on our service ePochta SMS (you will get 10 free SMS to test it);
    2. Replenish the account (this can be done either here on the website either in the panel of the service);

    As a result, from section "Send SMS" of the service panel, you can send anonymous SMS. Usually, messages are delivered within 1-2 minutes.

    Price of sending anonymous SMS online

    Most of the services take a charge from $1 to $5 for sending such kind of SMS messages. While we offer the lowest prices. You can check it with the help of our online calculator.

    You definitely may know that there are many free illegal software for sending anonymous SMS “totally free”. In fact, they cheat you to sending it to a short number. The price of such message may cost you to $5. So, be careful and use only legal and reliable suppliers. Do not install on your device “free” untested program. Cause you may pay a high price for the service of this "totally free" program.

    Get 10 free SMS to test our service after registration!

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