SMPP protocol

    Atomic SMS allows users to connect to our gateway using SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) protocol. This connection type requires you to have a special software complex.

    Compared to the HTTP API, the SMPP protocol advantage lies in a constant connection to the Atomic SMS gateway. There is no need to establish a connection every time! Thus, the SMPP protocol influences and improves SMS sending speed.

    We recommend an SMPP connection for companies that want to enjoy a fast, secure and high-speed gateway for sending huge SMS campaigns. SMPP supports text, Unicode, binary and Flash messages.

    We recommend using API for sending single SMS messages, because API doesn't require the configuration of special settings and is much easier to integrate. In the meantime, it can send single SMS messages in the same quick way.

    Before starting work with the SMPP protocol, you need to register and email us a request for connection that includes your IP address (IP address must not be dynamic) to:

    When connecting to the SMPP server, a contract price is available — please, contact us for details!

    SMPP server technical solution

    Our company has studied lots of solutions that implement SMPP server work. We’ve chosen the best open source solution: Kannel. We have prepared detailed instructions on how to install and configure Kannel in order to work with our servers.

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