Email Checker Overview

    Atomic Mail Verifier is an email address checker designed to check email addresses for validity.


    This email checker software stands out among similar products due to its 3-level validation system. Hence, you can decide whether you want to check email address validity quickly or do a more thorough job.


    Email address checking has never been easier 一 you only have to load a list of emails or paste them from the clipboard and push the "Start" button. Email address checker works in multi-thread mode, which allows you to check email address validity even faster. As the saying goes: "Time waits for no man".


    How Email Address Checker Works

    Our email checker software performs validation step by step. The program is designed to import an email, check it's syntax first, then its domain name and afterwards send a query to the corresponding email server.


    • Email syntax check. Email Checker detects invalid addresses like kate!@$,, etc. After you check email address syntax and itss proven incorrect, no further validation is required.
    • Domain check.The program determines the validity of a domain name and its existence.Nonexistent domains will be marked as invalid.
    • Email existence check. In this step, Email Address Checker tries to connect to the SMTP server of the necessary mail server and simulate the sending of an email. Please make sure Port 25 is open.

    How to Check Email Address Validity

    You can choose any of these three steps, but our email address checker performs at its best when you use all three steps to validate an email list.


    For instance, you've got a great mailing list with hundreds of thousands of emails. It’s better to check email addresses using just first two steps, because the third one will take more time to check each email address separately. This kind of mailing list checking helps to remove nearly one-third of invalid email addresses.


    • If there is a syntax error, you might still be able to send an email 一 check it one more time manually and find out if the errors can be corrected.

    • If your list contains several thousand email addresses, you can check each email address through three main steps. This guarantees the detection and deletion of the majority of "bad" and nonexistent addresses.

    Even though it takes a while to traverse a large contact list, you can tend to any other business you happen to have while checking email validity since our software functions automatically!


    When you check an email address, it usually means that you plan to use it. Our email checker software is fully compatible with other Atomic products for email marketing. This means you can build your e-marketing strategy as follows: extract email addresses with the help of your email crawler (like Atomic Email Hunter), transfer collected data to Atomic Email Verifier to check email addresses and delete invalid ones, and then run a mass mailer like Atomic Mail Sender to send bulk emails. Additional Atomic tools like Atomic Email Tracker can help you to track sent campaigns and manage lists of subscribers and unsubscribers. If you care about every single client's email, check out our products - nothing takes care of them better.

    Atomic Mail Verifier Screenshots

    Click on any screenshot to enlarge. A larger screenshot will open in the current window.

    Got Questions?

    If something doesn't feel quite right once you've decided to check the email addresses of your prospective leads, or you just want to know more about email checker software configuration for better results, contact our support team. We are always ready to help you resolve issues. Do not hesitate to send us any feedback that can assist us in improving our software performance.


    You are also welcome to send us an email: check out our support page and contact our support team members who are always glad to help.

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