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    The best quality bulk email marketing software is something that allows you to process your email marketing with no boundaries. Simple & straightforward service for sending mailings worldwide with free trial plan gives you an opportunity to try different functions in no time.

    Atomic emailing marketing pros

    When you pick the top emailing marketing, you’re sure to get the greatest email marketing opportunities. No restrictions on addresses quantity lists uploaded no issues with spam, etc., data personalization and so much more are at your disposal.

    That’s why Atomic solutions are great. They are designed for everyone: from a fresher to a professional marketer. Email marketing today is so effective if organized appropriately. It is profitable for a reason. If you choose Atomic emailing products, you’re twice a winner. Why?

    It’s simply due to the fact that Atomic Mail Sender & other optimization solutions provide you with the key answers to all your questions. Building your marketing strategy has never been so easy with a free emailing service for marketing which is an awesome tool to improve it.

    Why Atomic mailing service?

    Using an Atomic email solution, you may choose the best email marketing service for yourself without wasting time and unnecessary worries. Choose popular products for b2b and small business, as well as minor marketing tasks here!

    An email sending feature is aimed at working out yourletters, either gathered from any source: social network, specific website, mailboxes, etc., using keywords from multiple sites to filter out the emails. Or you may use a database created by someone else to try out emailing.

    What’s more, you’re allowed to use tools to mass mail and schedule emails for ecommerce, as well as let users check out the validity of addresses in any other industry. Safety & reliability guaranteed.

    Why bulk email marketing

    Atomic software for email marketing is easy and doesn't take a lot of effort. It does not require any special education or skills.

    Getting started with a new account never takes time and effort. As a rule, email services provide the necessary help even for a newbie.

    • delivery to "inbox" software
    • personalization, spin text feature, unsubscribe links
    • social media widgets, so your mail is more likely to end up in the
    • recipient's inbox
    • high-speed mass messaging

    Send emails quickly at any speed depending on the SMTP server. Plus, you add unlimited SMTP servers for even faster delivery.

    What’s also essential are low service costs and the free trials available to test software and find what’s best to apply in your marketing strategy.

    Perfect tools of email marketing

    Many awesome tools of email marketing are supplied with the bulk mailing program which has a built-in unsubscription wizard. Atomic software wizard allows you to remove unsubscribes in several ways — by uploading a file with email addresses, connecting to a server, or using your own unsubscribe form, etc.

    Automatic bounce removal is an incredible addition too. The element ensures that skipped messages that are sent from the recipient's server to the mentioned address are not accessible or don't exist. The email sender of this product will consequently eliminate these addresses from the mailing records.

    Such email automation marketing will be a huge plus in choosing your working marketing tool for long-term use. Atomic software allows you to remove unsubscribe in a couple of ways. First — by means of uploading files with email addresses, second — by means of connecting to an email server, or using your own unsubscription form, etc.

    So, do not linger with choosing your ideal solution from email marketing. Make sure it’s us.

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