Atomic Email Finder: 10 tips on how to search for 1000 addresses

    With knowledge of all the secrets of our email finder, your mission to create email list is just "doomed" to success. Even if you don’t have the full portrait of your target audience, but only, for example, their job, interests, the resources they visit, there are all the chances to get their emails.


    Here we will tell you 10 methods on how to use this info to get targeted mailing list with the Atomic Email Hunter.


    Why businesses use email searcher?

    Marketers use mass email searching tools for collecting targeted email marketing lists. But what the real reasons why they do it?


    • To find new clients to tell them about your offer via email: potential customers of an online-shop, new clients for freelancers. It can be people of some position - CEO, HR, managers, editors, etc., interested in your service/product (the aim - to sell).
    • To reach the existing clients on social media (the aim - to sell).
    • To search for the emails of employers, that can be interested in your offer (the aim - to sell, find a job).
    • To reach out to bloggers, content managers and webmasters to promote/share your content, media-partnership, guest blogging and PR (the aim - promoting, ads, partnership).

    Top tips on how to find email addresses with Atomic email search tool

    There are different situations when you need to find someone contacts. Sometimes we even don’t know what we really want. In the case of searching emails, you also can have only guesses about what exactly to seek for, who are these people you need to find, places where to start the process.


    Even with this info, you can build a powerful email database. Let’s define how to do it:


      • Know the website where to search? For example, competitors resource, thematic forum? Perfect, open the program, on the Search panel choose “search by URL”, and enter the website link.

        Let it be

        Wait about 3-10 minutes and enjoy the result:
      • Have an idea of what to search? Use keywords!

        The situation: Imagine, you are an owner of a small online shop of dog treats. You want as much as possible people to know about your great sale.

        So, the task is clear - transform your thought into keywords — “dog owner”, enter them into the search panel of the email finding tool.

        Don’t forget to choose “Search by a keyword”.

      • Know the location? Let's suppose you are HR manager and need the email addresses of the game testers in, for example, Australia.

        All that you have to do is to click “location selection” in the menu bar, choose the country, “Search by keyword” parameter, and enter the keyword.

      • Know what to search, a website where to find emails and the country? Perfect, you’ll get the most accurate and targeted email list!

        Follow the next steps:

        • Open the Atomic email finding tool

        • Click “Search”

        • Choose “Advanced Search”

        • Then “Search email addresses on site by a keyword” + “Location selection”

      • Have a great list of contact in your mailbox? We know how to get them automatically.

        Here are the steps:

        • Find on the menu bar Mailbox Plugin

        • Fill the required fields

        • Click “save account” and “Search”

      • Know the company? Find its CEOs, founders, HR, etс. to offer your service, partnership, ask for a job vacancy.

        There is no need to search a company website to find the necessary addresses. All that you have to do is:

        • launch the Atomic Email Hunter

        • click on “Company Email Finder”

        • enter company domain ( - as an example)

        • wait 4 minutes and get the list of email addresses

      • Have a list of websites for a complex email search?

        Why should you waste time analyzing resources? Copy paste the list of websites into the program, that will do everything instead of you.

        Follow the instruction:

        • In the main menu find “Search”, then “Search in list”

        • Copy paste or download the websites

        • Click “ok” and wait for results

        I’ve chosen 3 resources, wait 14 minutes and got 1,800 emails


        You may use Yelp Plugin. Just enter the keyword, choose the region, state or city and wait for a list of emails of target companies in the chosen location.


      • Know your audience on Facebook and Twitter? We will find their emails in 3-10 minutes!

        What should you do?

        • open the email searcher

        • click on the social network icon you need

        • log into the system

        • enter the keyword(s) and start the search

        Here you’ll find more info about the Facebook and Twitter Plugins.

    The extension will search for the emails all the websites you visit and collect them into the list, you may easily export.


    Just turn it on while doing your job and the app forms email list for your business!


    Want new clients, business partners, find a job? Rich them out via the emails. Only a few minutes, right keyword or URL, Atomic Email Hunter, and you’ll get their contacts!