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Web form subscription

Here you may configure how to add and remove users who left e-mail address in the web form located on your site. To make it available, you need put a subscription form on your site. See here how to do that.

HTTP form

  • Name: name of the current rule. Anything you like.
  • Save: save the changes in the current rule.
  • Remove: delete the current rule.
  • Check addresses listed in: URL address of the folder where a web form is located on your site. You need only provide an address of the form. When done, Atomic Subscription Manager will connect the form and get information about new subscribers and user who want leave mailing list.
  • Apply this rule: used to set time intervals when the rule should be executed. If the rule is set to be executed manually (Only manual use is checked), pressing the Apply Now button executes it immediately.

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