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Getting started

Start extracting

3 ways to extractEmail Logger is an easy-in-use program. Press Start button on the toolbar to start extracting. By default it suggests extracting from a folder, but you also can specify a single file to process, entire disk or whole computer.

The other way to extract contact information is using of plug-ins. Installation package of Email Logger goes with some plug-ins that allows finding data in Internet browser's cache, Windows Clipboard, Outlook mailboxes etc. Visiting our official site you can download more plug-ins and expand the extraction.

You can terminate extraction at any time pressing Stop on the Toolbar. The number of processed files and found contact addresses is reflected on the Status bar in the bottom of the window.

Save results

Once the extraction is completed, Email Logger suggests removing the duplicate and suspicious contact addresses. It is recommended to perform both these actions to have the new mailing list clean. It also can be done later using the Edit menu.

Finally, you have to save the results. Use Edit menu or buttons on the Toolbar. Email Loggers allows saving to:

  • Any text file;
  • Windows Clipboard;
  • MS Excel;
  • MS Word;
  • Atomic Mail Sender;
  • Atomic Mail Verifier;
  • Atomic TLD Filter
You can save e-mail addresses only or any number of fields (for ex, e-mail addresses, user names and cell phone numbers).

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