Atomic Mail Sender - Customizing the mailer: ISP and SMTP settings. Sending mail via socks/proxy
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Common Settings

Click the corresponding button on the toolbar or select the Settings / Common Settings menu item to view or change the currently used program settings. It will open a new window. The settings are grouped into five main categories. They are:

Mailer Settings

Here you can change the main settings of Atomic Mail Sender.

Mailer settings

Field Description
Thread count The number of email messages that can be sent simultaneously. The recommended value is between 20-50. Setting this value to 100+ is fine if you have a fast computer and a broadband Internet connection.
Delivery timeout How long Atomic Mail Sender should wait for a server response. The recommended value is 60 seconds.
Attempts to send How many times Atomic Mail Sender should try to connect to servers. If the target mail server does not respond the first time, the program tries to connect again. The recommended value is 3.
Custom HELO

HELO address is the address of your computer name on the Internet. Usually, Atomic Mail Sender can detect it automatically, but in some cases it fails to do it.

It is recommended to keep this value blank for Atomic Mail Sender to detect it itself. Even if it fails, it will offer you to edit it.

Speed limit You can reduce the speed of sending email. To remove any speed limits, please set it to a very large value by default, say 1000000 messages / minute.
TO field

A way how Atomic Mail Sender will create the user name (i. e. how it will fill TO field).

If "Autogenerate" is used, Atomic Mail Sender will create it out of the email address. For example, if the email address is, then it will create "Bill" <>.

If "Load from list" is used, Atomic Mail Sender will load the user name from the second data column in the Recipients List.

SMTP settings

You can specify the type of email delivery. Atomic Mail Sender supports the following types of email delivery:

SMTP server settings

  • Directly
    In this mode Atomic Mail Sender puts all email messages to the recipients' mailboxes. This method is the fastest one, but you should be aware that some ISPs deny direct access (i. e. they close SMTP port #25).

  • Directly. On error use SMTP
    Atomic Mail Sender tries to send mail directly, but if a fatal error occurs, it will deliver email via the specified SMTP server.

  • Directly. For some domains use SMTP
    Atomic Mail Sender will deliver all messages directly, excluding the messages specified in the list at the bottom. You can use that list to enter the masks of messages to be sent via SMTP. For example, if you enter and, all messages to these email addresses will be sent via the third-party SMTP server.

  • Using external SMTP only
    All email messages will be sent via the specified SMTP server.

In SMTP Servers List you need add or edit your SMTP servers to deliver e-mail messages. Click + to add new, - to delete or double click to edit.

DNS settings

DNS Settings

DNS servers for resolving the target mail servers email messages should be delivered to. Usually, Atomic Mail Sender can detect DNS servers automatically. If you want to use another DNS server or Atomic Mail Sender fails to detect it automatically, select Use the following DNS servers and specify it.

Proxy settings

Proxy / Socks server settings

and proxy server editing window:

Atomic Mail Sender can send mail using socks/proxy servers. It supports the following types of proxy servers:

  • HTTP proxy
  • Socks 4
  • Socks 4A
  • Socks 5

Select a proxy server type in the list and enter the server address and port. If the proxy server requires authentication, please enter the user name and password there too. Otherwise leave these fields blank.


Additional SMTP headers

Here you can add your own hidden header to the message:

Add SMTP Headers

We do not recommend to change anything here if you do not know how to do it. This can cause too many refuses from recipients' mail servers.

Miscellaneous settings

Other mailer settings

Some additional settings are available here. You can configure Atomic Mail Sender to play a sound after completing the job.

Create log files - create logs for outgoing connections. It is recommended to enable this option because if you have any troubles sending mail, we ask you to send us these logs to detect the problem and fix it.

Create newsletter delivery report - make an HTML report for sent messages. Then you should use Service / View reports to see these reports.

Play sound - when mail is sent, Atomic Mail Sender will play the specified wave file.

Custom Newsletter tracking path - change it only if you host your own newsletter tracking scripts on your server. Otherwise keep it blank.

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