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Creating a new message

In Atomic Mail Sender 4.xx, you can create both HTML and text messages. By default, you edit an HTML message. You can switch between HTML and text messages in the Format menu.

A message can be imported from a text or HTML file - use the File / Open message command.You can also load an existing Atomic Mail Sender project here.

If you want to send a web page, you can load it to the message with File / Load from WWW. Type the site address there and Atomic Mail Sender will load this page for you.

If you prefer HTML email, you can edit it in the built-in HTML editor, edit the HTML source code and the alternative part. The modes are switched with the tabs at the bottom.

Message is ready. Send it

Once the message is composed, you can load your mailing list and send group mail to its members. You can press F5 for quick access to the list or click the corresponding toolbar button. Ater you load the list, click Send to start delivering mail.

Start e-mail delivery

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