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Scheduling email delivery

A message can be scheduled for delayed delivery. Use the Message / Schedule email delivery command to create a new task. A new dialog box appears where you can specify when and how the message should be delivered.

Email scheduler

You should specify the project to be sent and date/time.

If you select the Send mail every [ __ ] days checkbox, Atomic Mail Sender will send this message periodically.

Option Resend failed every [___] hours will try resend non-sent mail again and again until all mail is sent.

Additional options:

Run program - after sending mail to all recipients, Atomic Mail Sender can run the specified program.

Shut down computer - after sending mail to all recipients, your computer will be turned off. NOTE: You may need some administrator rights to turn it off. In some cases, the computer cannot be shut down successfully.

Scheduled projects:

To see the list of currently scheduled projects, use the Service / Scheduled projects command in Atomic Mail Sender. It opens a new dialog box with the list of scheduled projects. You can add new tasks, edit them or delete existing tasks there.

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