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Atomic Unsubscriber

Atomic Unsubscriber
is a part of Atomic Mail Sender. Using this tool you may quickly remove the recipients who do not want to receive your newsletter anymore. Click Unsubscribe button the Recipients List to launch Unsubscriber. A new window of Atomic Unsubscriber will open (see below):

Atomic Unsubscriber

Here you need to provide a list of e-mail addresses for removal. Atomic Unsubscriber offers two ways:

  • Paste a list of addresses
  • Check the specified mailbox for REMOVE messages and bounces

In the first case you need to enter or paste a list of email addresses. Then Atomic Mail Sender will exclude these e-mail addresses from the currently loaded mailing list.

In the second case you will be prompted to specify an access to your mailbox (pop3 server, login and password). Atomic Unsubscriber will connect your mailbox and check for the new messages (E-MAIL MESSAGES WILL NOT BE DELETED). If some of e-mail messages contain a stop word in a Subject, sender's email address will be added to the exclusions list.

Polling your mailbox for REMOVE requests:

If you choose this option in Atomic Unsubscriber, you need to provide an access information to your mailbox. It is common settings - POP3 server address and port number (usually 110), user name and password. It is enough information to open your mailbox and check message headers.

When Atomic Unsubscriber checks messages in mailbox, it loads the subjects and senders' e-mail addresses only. It does not download the entire messages, so it is usually very fast to perform this operation.

Subject field of the sender's message must contain a specific keyword. If so, this address will be excluded from the currently loaded mailing list.

If Save in project is checked, then these information will be saved in your project.

Poll mailbox for removal requests


Adding and removing users to/from the mailing list automatically

Atomic Subscription ManagerAtomic Unsubscriber is a add-on for Atomic Mail Sender that can only unsubscribe users from the list. If you wish to automate a process of adding and removing subscribers, you may use Atomic Subscription Manager. This application offers the following types of mailing list management:

  1. Add / remove users with email
    Your subscribers may send a message containing a specific word in a message (like SUBSCRIBE, REMOVE). Atomic Subscription Manager will understand it and make the changes in the mailing list

  2. Add / remove user via a web form (or FTP)
    You may add a form on site where your visitors will be able to add or remove email address.

  3. Add / remove users via a local files
    If you run a web server on your local computer, Atomic Subscription Manager may process a files and find a new requests to add or remove email addresses.

  4. Schedule list management
    Atomic Subscription Manager works automatically. It starts automatically and keeps your mailing lists up-to-date.

  5. Work with several mailing lists automatically
    In Atomic Subscription Manager you may create as many projects as you need; so if you run several newsletters, Atomic Subscription Manager can work with all of them. One program, many lists.

The demo version of Atomic Subscription Manager is available for free download on our site.