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Updating the software

The latest version of Atomic Mail Sender can be downloaded from the Download Section of our site. How to update it:

  1. Close currently running Atomic Mail Sender.
  2. Download the latest version from our site
  3. Install it over the existing version (do not remove the old version. If you remove it, you will not keep the settings)
  4. Register your new version. You are free to use your current key to register newer versions during 1 year beginning the moment of initial purchase. Thereafter, your key will not be accepted for upgrades registering and you will have to purchase a new key but 40% off the full license price (from your Members Area).

More email software

You can find a lot of other programs for direct email marketing at our main site . We recommend that you use the following programs together with Atomic Mail Sender:

Program Why use it

Atomic Email Tracker

  • More info
  • Download trial
  • Purchase it

Atomic Email Tracker is a new "atomic" product for tracking sent email messages. Using this service, you can easily track who opens, reads and clicks links in your newsletter. You can single out active customers and sell more products to them. In the same way, you can filter out inactive newsletter readers.

A lot of reports - geographic, day-by-day, CTR reports, ect.

Atomic Mail Verifier

  • More info
  • Download trial
  • Purchase it

Atomic Mail Verifier is a mailing list maintenance program. It is a must-have email verification program if you manage lists of subscribers and want to keep them fresh and updated. From time to time, people change their e-mail addresses for various reasons. Therefore, all lists have to be verified periodically - otherwise you will send hundreds or thousands of messages to abandoned e-mail accounts, wasting time and bandwidth.

Atomic Mail Verifier can be integrated with other newsletter and mass mailing applications from the Atomic family. The program cleans up the e-mail database periodically using an external scheduler, but it can be launched manually at any time as well. All you need to do is load a mailing list and then click the Verify button! The rest will be done by this email verifier automatically!

Atomic Subscription Manager

  • More info
  • Download trial
  • Purchase it

Atomic Subscription Manager is the first application that you should install if you want to start your own newsletter or bulk email campaign. This mailing list manager runs in the stealth mode and is virtually unnoticeable. You need to set rules for your mailing list only once and then you can entirely forget about the program. All routine tasks are done automatically without any additional commands from you.

Atomic List Manager

  • More info
  • Download trial
  • Purchase it

E-mail marketers know that fresh "quality" mailing lists are the key to success of any bulk email campaign. While there are some good and few excellent tools that help you manage your mailing list, none comes close to Atomic List Manager if you have several active e-mail lists to maintain. In-house and independent studies show that using this mailing list manager increases ROI up to 15-25%.

Atomic Email Autoresponder

  • More info
  • Download trial
  • Purchase it

Atomic Email Autoresponder is a really must-have program for effective communication with your customers. This product can take upon itself the largest part of interaction with your prospects and customers. After a new person registers at your site, Atomic Email Autoresponder starts «talking» this person into buying products and services. And believe us, it will succeed!

The second important purpose of the program is increasing customers' loyalty. According to the latest estimates, expenses on keeping customers are considerably lower than expenses on attracting new ones. Make friends with your customers – it pays!


Technical support

We provide priority technical support for registered users and standard basic support for other users of Atomic Mail Sender. To submit your question, please use the web form here. We reply within one business day, usually in just a few hours after your place a ticket.