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Atomic Subscription Manager

Atomic Subscription Manager

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Atomic Subscription Manager is a program for automatic management of subscriptions. One of the unique features of the program is a capability to add new subscribers from practically any source. For example, you may add a standard web form to you site and the program will periodically download e-mail addresses of user who want join or leave your mailing list. Also, you may publish an e-mail address like, and everyone who email to it, gets subscribed (or removed, if type REMOVE in a subject).

Another advantage, Atomic Subscription Manager is used as a subscription central. You may run bulk mailing prorgra, maillist verification program, e-mail collectings programs directly from it.

The unlimited number of mailing lists are supported. Each mailing list may contain any number of additional e-mail personalization data fields.

In fact, Atomic Subscription Manager is capable of turning your home or office computer into a powerful communication center, which is extremely important, since most other subscription management applications and services "rent" you their solutions, oftentimes barring you from accessing information about your own subscribers.

Purchasing Atomic Subscription Manager lets you get a complete picture about your audience, which, in turn, enables you to run targeted campaigns with maximum returns.

How to create a new subscription
How to manage mailing lists
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