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List of subscribers

Actual list of subscribers is available when you click at "Subscribers" in the project tree. Here you can add new subscribers, edit e-mail addresses or delete them (use Edit menu item).

Subscribers list

The mailing list may contain both e-mail addresses and other data assigned to the appropriate e-mail addresses. The data is usually stored in the CSV file format (Comma Separated Values). By the way, Excel / Access and databases are supported.

Note: to make sure your subscriber list stays actual, we recommend you periodically check the list for "dead" addresses. Otherwise, as time passes, a substantial portion of the list will be represented by inactive recipients that can't receive e-mails from you. Sending e-mails to "dead" recipients takes time and consumes bandwidth. Use Atomic Mail Verifier or similar program to check for inactive e-mail addresses.

If you've previously used Outlook or other e-mail clients for managing your newsletter, you can export subscribers addresses to the Atomic Subscription Manager using Atomic Email Logger. Also, pressing Import button on toolbar loads e-mail addresses from Outlook.

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