Manual for Atomic List Manager: Split

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    Split list

    This function is used to split the list according to given parameters:

    • by count ー every new list will have the given number of emails;
    • by domain ー only the same domains will be in every list;
    • by zone ー splitting of domains by zones i.e. com, .net, .org, .ru, .info etc;
    • by first char of the email ー creates list on the first letter of emails. All the emails in such a list shall begin with the same letter;
    • by size ー splitting of the list into predefined number of files of given size.

    After selecting the operation you have to choose the path for saving new lists.

    For example, as a result of spliting by count of a list of 11 emails into lists of 4 emails we will get 3 files saved automatically. Two files will contain 4 emails each and third file will contain 3 emails.

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