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Email utilities - bulk mail campaign solutions

We design bulk email utilities and offer solutions for e-mail marketing campaigns. Use Atomic e-mail address extractors to generate the mailing lists for your bulk e-mail marketing campaigns. Keep your e-mail lists always "clean" and fresh using our emailing list management programs and service. The email merge feature of our bulk emailer let you send personalized bulk e-mail. Subscribe to Atomic Email Tracker service to start monitor your email campaigns effectiveness. And, finally, keep in touch with your clients and prospects on a regular basis. These are the secrets of long-term success of your business.

Here is the list of our e-mail management software:

More about Atomic Mail SenderAtomic Mail Sender – Atomic Mail Sender is a feature-rich mass mailing and corporate broadcast software capable of sending of unlimited number of e-mail messages to unlimited number of recipients within very short period of time. The amazing speed is achieved by utilizing every existing bit of your Internet connection via multiple threads delivery technology. Messages are delivered using the built-in SMTP server that connects directly to recipients' mail service!

More about Email HunterAtomic Email Hunter – Acquiring your potential customers e-mail addresses is a cornerstone of successful e-marketing. The possible ways of acquiring e-mail addresses are: purchasing e-mail databases from various companies on the Internet or getting them manually from the websites of interest. But there is a better way! This innovative software allows extracting e-mail addresses from your target-audience relevant web sites! Stop wasting money! Get Atomic Email Hunter right now.

More about Email LoggerAtomic Email Logger – This e-mail harvesting utility finds hidden email addresses on your computer's hard disk and on CD's and DVD's. Tap into the resources of your PC and find thousands of addresses you never knew were there. Atomic Emial Logger can be powered-up with the following plug-ins: PST files processing, CSV files processing, WinZIP, WinRAR, WinACE, GZ files processing,
Mailbox Hunter - extracting data from Outlook

More about Email HunterAtomic Newsgroup Explorer – a program to extract e-mail addresses and the user names from usenet newsgroups via NNTP servers. The program works fast and flexible and returns a new targeted mailing list within five minutes.

More about Atomic Mail SenderAtomic CD Email Extractor – Atomic CD Email Extractor is a simple, yet powerful solution for extracting email addresses from your CDs and DVDs. You can specify which files and folders to search and which ones to skip. The email addresses found on the CD can be saved to the clipboard or you can specify a filename to save them to. It is also possible to transfer the addresses directly to Microsoft Word or Excel.

IE Contacts Spy -The program extracts and saves contact information (e-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, AOL IM and MSN Messenger ID numbers) from every web site visited. Unlike Atomic Email Hunter it can search through password protected web sites. The program builds itself into IE shell and works as a plug-in for MS Internet Explorer.

Atomic Whois Explorer - is designed to search through global WHOIS database to extract personal data (registration information) of the owners of the Internet domains.

More about Mailing List ManagerAtomic List Manager – E-mail marketers know that fresh "quality" mailing lists are the key to success of any bulk email campaign. While there are some good and few excellent tools that help you manage your mailing list, none comes close to Atomic List Manager if you have several active e-mail lists to maintain. In-house and independent studies show that using Atomic List Manager increases ROI up to 15-25%.

More about Atomic Mail SenderAtomic Mail Verifier – Successful e-business managers know that current customers database and mailing list maintenance task is one of the toughest yet the most rewarding. People tend to use several e-mail addresses at once as well as they tend to give up those addresses overwhelmed by spam. This unique software offers three levels of mailing list verification. It is intended for lightning-fast automatic check of e-mail databases of all sizes!

Atomic TLD filter - is a software program that allows users to split your mailing list into specific target groups based on the professional or national basis. Use it when you need to optimize your message for some groups, for example, .edu zone - for marketing to students and academia, .de - for reaching the Germans only, .com - for contacting companies. ATLDF is a free software, you can download it right from here for free.

Atomic Email Autoresponder - It can take upon itself the most part of interaction with your prospects and clients. When a new person sends you an email containing certain fields or information, AEA discerns that information and starts "talking" this person in accordance with the rules you set.

More about List ManagerAtomic Subscription Manager – Atomic Subscription Manager is a program for automatic management of subscriber lists capable of removing / adding the subscribers to your mailing list by email subject and sending them proper notification emails automatically. One of the unique features of the program is a capability to add new subscribers from practically any source.

Atomic services

Atomic Mail Tracker - Email Tracker is a web based service for tracing sent e-mail messages. Being integrated with Atomic Mail Sender the service records the recipients of your newsletter real data such as first name, last name, email address, country, date and hour of opening. Links clicked statistics are also recorded.

Atomic List Manager Online - a web-based service for processing several mailing-lists in order to building a "quality" and personalized one that does not contain invalid or unwanted addresses. Atomic List Manager Online is a cost-effective solution.

All these programs are distributed under shareware license. Therefore you can download a trial software, try in use and purchase if suitable.