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    Email Hunter

    The specialists at AtomPark Software Inc. welcome you! We hope that the information in this manual will help you to use the program and to extract the e-mail addresses from the Internet, working with the target mailing list you have got. If Atomic email hunter doesn’t find any email addresses check this article. If you want to know the differens between Atomic Email Hunter and Atomic Lead Extractor we suggest you to look here.


    The program also supports Windows 8/10/11 and Windows XP and Vista


    For smooth operation, we recommend running the program with administrator rights.


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    • Using the program
      • About the program
      • Getting started
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      • Pause search
      • New search Wizard
      • Use Command Line
    • Extract e-mail addresses
      • Advanced options pull-down panel
      • Search on site
      • Extract from list
      • Plug-ins
      • Mailbox Plugin
      • Search query language
    • Settings
      • Program settings
      • Search engine scripts
    • Save extracted addresses
      • Save results
      • Export to MS Office
      • Export to Open Office
      • Export to Atompark programs
    • Verify extracted addresses
      • How to verify email addresses?
    • Not getting enough emails?
      • Consider AT & DOT
      • If you search on site…
      • If you search by a keyword…
    • Registration
      • Why to order?
      • Register Atomic Email Hunter
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      • Technical support
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