New Atomic Mail Verifier 7.33

New Atomic Mail Verifier 7.33

We have released a new version of our email verifier software - Atomic Mail Verifier 7.33.

This version has much better verification quality for Yahoo and Gmail email addresses and a bunch of new localizations: Bulgarian, Greek, Hungarian, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Indonesian, Polish.

Here's a few situations when this software can be helpful:

  • you have not mailed to your list for some time so some emails can be outdated
  • you do not use double opt-in process so you are not sure all subscribers typed correct emails
  • you have received your mailing list from elsewhere and not sure about it's quality

Why bother with email verification? Why can't you just load your list and hit "send"?

Verifying your list can increase your delivery rates and help you avoid some difficulties:

  • when you have lots of bounces your ISP or hosting provider can take note of the increased email traffic and will check the reasons for it
  • when you send lots of emails to invalid email addresses the receiving servers will start blocking your mail
  • when you use an online email service they can ban you for high bounce rates
  • the list goes on...

We have made email verification easy, the verifier checks email syntax, domain validity and validity of each email address.

If you want to try our latest Atomic Mail Verifier please download the latest version from our website:

If you have any questions call us at +1-707-7098405 or use Live Chat button on our website.