Atomic Lead Extractor 8.00 with data mining

Atomic Lead Extractor 8.00 with data mining

We are glad to tell you that we updated the software and added quite a few features to it.

The most important new function is data mining. In addition to extracting emails, phone numbers, Skype IDs and other contact information the software can extract data from a typical page of any website. You just need to open a typical page, select areas with the information you need and start data mining. You can extract information from product pages, company profiles, online ads and any other type of listings.
The data you receive can be exported to the clipboard, a text or a CSV file, MS Office or Open Office applications.

We also made the list of contacts more convenient. There's a "keyword" field in the contact search results - it show what keyword was used to find this contact information. You can now filter the contacts by any column.

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