Brand-new Atomic List Manager Online service

Brand-new Atomic List Manager Online service

AtomPark Software is glad to announce the release of a new Atomic List Manager Online service (ALM Online).

ALM service is an online mailing-list manager capable of maintaining several e-mail lists for building a quality and personalized one that does not contain invalid or unwanted addresses. As a result, naturally open, click-though, and ROI ratios increase up to 15-25%

The service can process CSV and text files that contain multiple data parameters.

The following operations on one or several emailing are available in ALM service:

  1. Delete duplicates - remove duplicate records from your list.
  2. Save email only - create a new list containing emails only extracting them from the original list. This feature is useful when, e.g. your email list contains a lot of additional data
  3. Sort list - sort the records within your list by whole string, email addresses, domain addresses (e.g., domain addresses first level (e.g. com), domain addresses second level (e.g. atompark)
  4. Kill suspicious e-mails - purges your email list of "suspicious" e-mails like
  5. Top-level domain check - check email address top-level (first level) domains for validity within a selected file and creates a new "clear" one.. E.g. ".com" domain is valid, ".h7" does not exist, so emails containing such domains will be removed from the resulting list.
  6. List union - merge several mailing lists into one file (data from one list will be just added to another one).
  7. List intersection - make a new list containing only the same records available in all picked lists.
  8. Subtraction - subtract the list A from the list B to return a new list where all elements of list A equal to one of the elements of list B have been removed

Create a ALM Online trial account for free, test it during 3 days and , if you like it, substribe for $9.85 per month or $99 per year by clicking the links below

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