Split testing (A/B testing) is a new option of Atomic eMail Service

Split testing (A/B testing) is a new option of Atomic eMail Service

We are glad to inform you that we’ve added another feature to ePochta Mail Service.

ePochta Mail Service is ideal for those who need a simple solution for mailing to potential and actual customers. Our service offers many features (including an unlimited number of email addresses on your mailing list, personalized emails, usage of free templates, creation of  your own templates, locking the list of unsubscribers, and much more).

We’ve just added one more feature—the split-test (also known as A/B test). This is a method of marketing research, the essence of which is that one group is compared to a set of elements of the test group. Change one or more parameters in order to determine a modification that improves your target figure of email opens and responses.

The split-test was developed specifically for those who are interested in boosting their mailing results and want to improve the quality of their messagess. It consists of two phases:

  • First, several email variants are sent to a small part of the list (usually up to 20%). After a certain period of time, the winning variant is determined (for example, the email with the highest number of click-throughs).
  • Then, after the winner is determined, the winning email is sent to the rest of the list.

If you have any questions related to the new features of the program or about working with ePochta Mail Service, please contact Technical Support at http://www.epochta.ru/support/ or by phone at 8 (800) 555-09-63 (free in Russia).