It's now possible to unsubscribe from bulk SMS!

It's now possible to unsubscribe from bulk SMS!

Many recipients consider bulk SMS messages not worth using because they are too intrusive. But we can help you to assuage these concerns and gain your recipients’ confidence.

For this purpose, Atomic’s SMS bulk server offers a new feature with the opportunity to unsubscribe from SMS messages sent via the Atomic SMS gateway.

How does it work?

Each SMS message is followed by a link to an unsubscribe page. If a customer doesn't want to receive any bulk SMS messages from you, he or she must click the link and press the "Unsubscribe" button. It's also possible for an addressee to specify the reason he or she is unsubscribing.

Every phone number of an unsubscribed recipient is automatically added to the list of "Exceptions", without the possibility that the number will be removed from the list. Once a phone number is listed under “Exceptions”, future SMS campaigns will not be delivered to that number.

The "unsubscribe from bulk SMS" option provides recipients with the opportunity to refuse unwanted SMS messages. This is also a good way for Atomic SMS users to maintain their reputations and send legal bulk SMS campaigns.

Those who work with the Atomic API interface can also apply the unsubscribe option. Just include the unsubscribe link,, where the “XXXXX” will be replaced by a required value, in your SMS message content.

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